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Want to Delete My Account

3 posts
Member since Mar 18, 2013

I wanted to delete my account, not sure how to do this.

I have emailed admin, is there anything else I need to do?


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Member since Dec 31, 2014

That's pretty much what you need to do. However, admin has not exactly been responsive lately. Suggest you e mail them again.


3 posts
Member since Mar 18, 2013

Thanks, Have send another message.

Things are really going downhill here!

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Member since Apr 28, 2011



I want to delete my account as well and have not had any luck getting a response to my request.

17 posts
Member since Aug 2, 2014

Emailed Admin recently myself for the same purpose since it looks like the site is essentially dead. I think Admin is ignoring us until they get "IB WE" online. I'm guessing that is the same as the mysterious IB4.0.  By making us wait, they can try and convince us to stay and use the new platform.    

I went through this same thing before the previous updates to IB. I was getting nowhere with their "new editors/reviewers" and decided to call it quits -- but when I asked to delete everything and I'd move to Hubpages, they asked me to stay for the current platform.  

I still think I'm wasting my time here based on the trouble I've run into here. Whoever keeps reviewing my work (in the past since I gave up writing here for now) rejects absolutely everything I write including my updates to content I've had here since the old YahooVoices died. Personally, I'd still continue writing here if:

(1) The editors/reviewers or what ever they call themselves would stop blocking me -- I'm starting to take it personally - especially when the comments back are of an accusatory nature: "hate mongering," "promoting war," "making false statements," and inflammatory rhetoric" ; and those were just the rejection responses in regards to my historical articles on the history of Spying and Espionage in the U.S.;  

(2) I'd continue if the contests were still in play and timely as they used to be.  

Bottom line: If they won't publish even the simplest little history piece I submit and the contests are dead -- and my articles don't seem to be getting traffic anyway ---- Why am I here and Why would they want me here?  

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