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How to look good with long curly hair
There is no beauty, only beauty.So don't think you're going to get stuck in a long roll, but it's the right thing to do.So, how to make long curl beautiful?It's a good idea to tie it up.Let's see how to look good in the long scroll.


  1. Comb the hair first, then divide the hair into left and right parts.
  2. Weave the hair into a bouffant braid and secure it with a hairpin.
  3. The same method is used on the other side.


  1. Comb the hair first, then divide the hair into two parts.
  2. Go to the left side and twist a pair of braids along the bangs, then use a rubber band to fix it.
  3. Tie the left side of the hair to a side pony tail and twist the tail into a bud.
  4. Tail hair around the hair, adjust the shape.
  5. Pull the hair back and hold it together.
  6. The other side should also follow the same steps.

Beautiful will be able to once and for all? Actually, the story is just beginning.As a long curly haired girl, blowing your hair is the first difficulty in the 99.Well, how about long curls? Let's see Hair Sisters Wholesale!

Q: how do you blow the mid-length curl?

A: it's best to use A large hair dryer when you blow in long curly hair.When blowing, can't grab a strand of hair to start blowing, must follow the steps.The correct way to do it is to blow from top to bottom, so it's hard to knot when you blow it.When it comes to the curl, you can curl your hair with your hand and roll it back and forth.

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