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Does anyone still make money here?

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Member since Aug 2, 2014

IB is nearly dead...they (admin) just hasn't admitted it to us yet. I sent facebook messages to three different listed admins almost a week ago and only received one response just today from Mat Boyer saying he and others parted ways from IB a year ago and seemed surprised that he was still listed as an IB Admin. Even he has no idea what IB is doing. I've tried the primary admin... Ryan... and he hasn't responded back any of the three times I've tried in the past year. My recent attempt was just last Wednesday 1Nov. ????  No answer. No help. No earnings. 150+ articles earning only $10 total in 2 years. That = Dead Site. 


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Member since Apr 14, 2010

Same here.  I am earning between .50 cents and .90 cents a month and was earning 20 to 40 times as much in the years from 2013 to 2015.  Now, all I earn is pennies.  It is not worth the trouble to mess around with it.  They currently owe me about $35.00 and I sort of doubt Infobarrel will be around long enough for me to make it to the $50 threshold and get paid again.  Unless they make some drastic changes, there isn't much worth doing here. I've pretty much written it off.

It is too bad, because this is the site where the other writers helped me learn the craft, encouraged me to start my own successful blog, explained to me how to fix problems when they popped up, and taught me so much.  I didn't know how to do anything when I started writing here!

It really makes me sad to see this site fade away, when I owe so much to it.

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Member since Jan 13, 2010

I used to pay several of my monthly bills with just my IB earnings-not counting any of my other online income. Now we can get a few pizzas each month. The writing was on the wall for sites like IB a few years ago, after Squidoo and Zujava shut down and other sites like Seekyt changed owners.

However, how we are being ignored is not nice, nor is it a good way to say "goodbye" to a site that was well once well respected by its writers. Getting ahold of the admins should not be difficult, nor should having your account deleted. My idea of an unpaid college intern has gone unheeded, and yet it was a good and inexpensive decision. 

If you want to earn online, using a small, controlled collaborative site works, and of course, your own sites as well. Lebenlernen, If you have not already saved your articles, do so now. Start your own site with them, but do not publish them until they are deleted here. That is what I did and I have two sites that I started while waiting for these articles to be deleted. They are still not live yet, but I got the wheels in motion so when they were deleted, I was ready to start.

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