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No Update on Tier 1 Ads since February 2017

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Member since Jan 27, 2012

After long long time, I got payment (2 days ago) from InfoBarrel. (Real Surprise too)

So I have checked my earnings details.

Page views are updated for each and every month, with Tier 2 Earnings updated regularly for all the months.

The surprise is Tier 1 Earnings completely hadn't been updated since February 2017 to Current month (October 2017). It looks like January 2017 had only been partly updated. Also upto December 2016, Tier 1 Earnings updates is very good.

So, I kindly request Admin to check it and update them properly. And pay the remaining money to my PayPal account.



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Member since Jun 30, 2014

The updates for Tier 1 seems to coincide around the time they launched the new version of IB..so I wasn't sure if they planned to stopTier 1 permanently or if it just wasn't being updated and glitched with the new site. I asked Admin about about Tier 1 updates some time ago and never got a response. 

Glad to hear you got your payment! (Without Tier 1 I'm a long way off)

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