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Free Images....Where Do You Find Yours?

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Member since Jan 13, 2010

On my websites I like to create Pinterest images on Canva. They have free images to use. I also use Pixabay and Pexels, as well as Wikimedia Commons.

Where do you find free images?

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Member since Dec 31, 2014

Generally Wikimedia because I know for sure ther are no copyright issues.

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Member since Sep 17, 2009

Pixabay is my go to place for free images now.

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Member since Jun 30, 2014

I tend to use Pixabay, Wikimedia or my own photos. Flickr too, but that's more if I'm looking for a travel destination or something really specific that is hard to find (just have to be careful and read the fine print about copyright on the latter to make sure it's available to use, some photographers do allow use, others don't - rather than go to the home page, I start here: https://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/)

(Mommy, thanks for creating and/or bumping up relevant threads! Was nice to see this for a change).

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