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How do you title your articles?

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Member since May 10, 2009

On another thread, there was some talk of titling articles.  I thought it could be helpful, especially for the newbies, to look at how people are titling their articles.  Here's what I do...

Main keywords always used in title:  If keywords are 'four wheelers for sale' I make sure those words are in the title

No repetition:  I wouldn't use 'cheap four wheelers for sale' anywhere else in the title

Main Keywords first:  I started doing this a while back with awesome results.  Instead of 'how to find four wheeler for sale'  I would use 'four wheelers for sale - how to find them.' 

Eye catching words:  I do occasionally add eye catching words to the front.  'cheap four wheelers for sale.'  For me, the best eye catching words seem to be cheap, free, easy.  I sometimes use them even if they aren't part of my main keywords that I'm targeting.

Secondary Keywords:  Sometimes I put secondary keywords in my title - 'four wheelers for sale - finding cheap atv's.'

Avoid Certain Words:  Unless kill, death, murder, sex, drugs, etc are a part of your keywords on a legit article, I prefer to leave them off.  There are plenty of times that you could use them legitimately, but if they aren't needed, I see no reason to raise any red flags.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Those look like excellent suggestions. Do you think punctuation has any effect? For example, 'four wheelers for sale - cheap!!!' Or hyperbole? 'Four wheelers for sale - cheap, dirt cheap and nearly free!!!'

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Member since May 10, 2009

I do some punctuation, but I don't think it makes too much of a difference.

I monkey around with extra words from time to time.  "four wheelers for sale - dirt cheap and inexpensive."    I try not to overdo it.  It would be a good option to test.

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I tend to go with the shortest possible title.  I kind of like the way DK Runner has been titling her articles with 2 titles seperated with a :

I use headers instead to add additional "main keywords"  using the four wheeler example I'd probably

Title :  Four Wheelers

H2 Four Wheelsers for Sale

H3 Dirt Cheap Four Wheelers

H3 Inexpensiver Four Wheelers

and so on.


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Except I'd try to spell all the words right.

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DK - I mean I would not use something like "cheap four wheelers for sale - get them cheap" or "cheap four wheelers - four wheelers for sale cheap."    I wouldn't use any of the many keywords more than once in the title. 

An exception would be something like "no credit check credit cards."  Something where the main keyword phrase has the same word twice.

Hope that makes sense.

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Great tips JC!

Another thing to add is to check out your competition on the first page of Google and see what their titles are. Sometimes if you pick a title that is exactly like your competitors, it's hard to rank because Google wants the most unique content displayed on their first page. Sometimes it's ok though. The best thing you can learn when checking your competition is to figure out if there are any words you can add that make your title more enticing than the others.

For example, if the first page of Google mostly has results that say nothing more than "four wheelers for sale", I would make my title something like "cheap four wheelers for sale" or "best four wheelers for sale" or even "best four wheelers for sale cheap"...just so my title stands out from the rest.

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Member since Apr 13, 2010

I try to use best or cheap at the beginning of all my titles if just seems to get you ranked for more keywords with little to no effort.

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Excellent ips Jason - I would emphasize your recommendation of using alternative kewyords in the title:

four wheelers for sale - finding cheap atv's

I would also add that adding inclusive adjectives are a must. 

three and four wheelers for sale - finding cheap or used atv's

In this second case the bolded words are includive adjectives.  Someone looking for either three wheelers or four wheelers are going to be inclined to click this article in the search engine page.  Adiitionaly someone looking for cheap or used will be inclined to click this article and anyone looking for ATVs rather than wheelers will be inclined to click the article.  And by gettign all these words in the title you really aren't changing the keyword you are targeting nor are you altering the adsense ads this article will trigger but you are building authority to this artcile for a multitude of long-tail keywords.

At some point the title becomes to long though so this is pretty much as long as I would go.  Any longer and your descriptive adjectives start excluding people (i.e. white four wheelers excludes anyone who doesn't like the color white) and the focus of the article can start to get a little crazy.  Google will only display a certain amount of characters on the search results page to so it's best to keep things from getting too long.

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Thanks for starting this thread - very useful info!

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Member since Apr 14, 2010

This is fabulous help! Thank you all so much for sharing your ideas!

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Member since Sep 17, 2009

Thanks for sharing JC, those are really good tips.. :)

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Thanks for those tips JC, I will use them as somewhat of a checklist when I make my titles for my future articles

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Member since Oct 18, 2010

Very useful info. Thanks!

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Member since May 2, 2010

Awesome help, thanks.

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Member since Apr 19, 2010

Thanks JC, great tips!

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JC...I hate to admit that after three years of working hard on the Internet trying to make money (I have tried so many things including PPC!) that I still have a lot to learn to make my earnings worth more. Thank you for the tips. They are really pointing out that I need to pay closer attention and to avoid just slapping together a title (that's my mo).

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excellent information it's coming together slowely for me.

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I titled articles base on the topic I am going to make ;)

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Welcome here yanpee...I think the personn who started this thread was probably looking for more help and detailed ideas...

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