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September 2011 contest is up!

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you all know that we've put the new contest up.  You can read it here: Feature Yourself - September 2011 Contest.

As we mentioned in this post, we've changed up how the bonus ad share topics are working.  For details give the post a read.

To submit your articles, you'll notice a new link in your member bar. The Submit Feature button will take you directly to the form to submit your articles to our editorial calendar.  From those submitted we'll pick the best of the best to be featured on the day that they were submitted for.  On this page you'll also find a link to the current editorial calendar.

Good luck everyone!

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Thanks, Kevin.  I have finished the articles that I plan to submit in this month's contest, so I'll try out the new submission process in the next day or two.

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I love the list of topics, lots to choose from. :)

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Sookie said:

I love the list of topics, lots to choose from. :)

I'd love to know where you are finding the list of topics.  I clicked the link and found ONE topic that had not a single word of description or explanation.  Can you please provide a link to the list of topics.  The link above just goes to a title of a single contest, no description.  thanks

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I like the variety of topics and the new approach. Thanks.

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Thanks Kevin. Looks good.

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