Free extra Dropbox storage is one of the key features why Dropbox is such an amazing app. Your Dropbox account comes with an instant 2GB of free storage, but it is fairly easy to get extra storage!

Setting up Dropbox and Key Features

Dropbox is an app enabling you to reach your files from wherever in the world, online. You store files on the internet online and safe. You download the app on the computer, create an account and you are good to go. There are a couple of key features which make Dropbox a nice app to have:

  • Online storage. You can store files immediately on the internet, which enables you to reach them from wherever you want, if you have internet. I love to organize my files with Dropbox. It is a good way to secure some items as well, for instance I always have the numbers to cancel my bank accounts or credit cards, so if I lose them in a foreign country I still know what to do.
  • Online sharing. Sharing made easy, that is Dropbox. With a right-click on a file or folder you can share the file/folder to others.
  • Smart phone app. This is one of the apps which enables you to store files 'on' your iOS device. Not entirely on your device, but you can reach them always.
  • 2 GB for free. And options to get more!

Free Extra Dropbox Storage

Tried Dropbox? Good, now you are probably wondering if you can extend your Dropbox storage. Yes you can. Actually, you can get up to 16 GB (!) for free! There are a couple of ways to increase your Dropbox storage easily.

  • Sign up through an affiliate link. If you sign up using a referral link you will get 250MB free extra, the referral will get 250MB as well for free. If you have a friend using Dropbox, you can make him happy asking for a link.
  • Complete all the activities in 'get started' tab. Dropbox will ask you if to install Dropbox, take the tour and all kind of other things. Complete all 6 simple activities? Another 250 extra free MB.
  • Connect social networks to Dropbox. There are 5 actions (connecting to Twitter, to Facebook, following Dropbox on Twitter, Tweeting about Dropbox and saying why you like Dropbox) and these all give you a 128MB extra! So a total of 640 MB extra again!
Free Extra Dropbox StorageCredit:
  • Using a .edu email address. This is something I hate. As I live in the Netherlands, we don't use .edu email addresses, but other students can! This will give you a big advantage, as you will get 500 MB extra by referring friends in stead of 250MB!
  • Referring to friends. Just make sure you friends know your referral link to Dropbox. This will make you an extra 250 MB for every refer you do. I sent it to all my close friends who could use it, tweeted it and put it on a couple of Facebook groups. Now? I have a lot more space!
  • Dropquest 2011 (runs in 2011 only). A Scavenger hunt to increase your Dropbox storage! This gives you 1 GB for free if you complete it! How? There are hints in the forum thread, but there are walk-throughs available as well. Dropbox is probably going to do more of these things, so stay up to date!

Dropbox, the app we all love. I especially love to use Dropbox as a student. And it gives away all this space. If there are more tips I missed, please let the readers in the comments know how to get free extra Dropbox space!