Exercising is vitally important, I'm sure there are many articles from many people and experts alike telling you how great it is for mind,body, and soul. However for those wanting to achieve more, progress higher, one of the occurring problems other then injury people deal with not only in the gym but in sports, is getting sick at the worst time possible. By worst i mean when they are in the best shape of their life.

 I'm telling you right away I'm not an expert i wouldn't tell you why it is, but often when you make progress physically in a sport or an exercise in the gym, the chances of you getting sick increases. I can only offer speculation on that the nervous system is improving efficiently but has trouble governing itself entirely as you push your body to the limits, and after a workout where you are weak and tired, drained and wanting to go home and relax it is the perfect opportunity for any viral  infection to come and take advantage of your weakened immune system. Your body produces Cortisol as you workout which is the leading hormone of stress, this hormone reduces your immune system. You will often find yourself sick after a great workout, only to be burdened by getting better, but once you come back you have detained somewhat and need to get back into the shape again, and once again it will hit you eventually, and the cycle keeps going on and on. The reality is though, you will get sick, but to happen repeatedly can be avoided, allowing one to properly train consistently and effectively.

 We are all familiar with supplements, such as protein powders, multivitamin pills etc. However not many people are familiar with glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid one of 20 in fact, however it is not an essential amino acid. For those that like to know some science tidbits, Glutamine plays a role in a variety of biochemical functions including:

  • Protein synthesis, as any other amino acid.
  • Regulation of acid-base balance in the kidney by producing ammonium. 
  • Cellular energy, as a source, next to glucose.
  • Nitrogen donation for many anabolic processes.
  • Carbon donation, as a source, refilling the citric acid cycle
  • Nontoxic transporter of ammonia in the blood circulation.

 For those simply wanting to know for the purpose of this article for, what is an easier way to understand the usefulness of glutamine, is its great aid in the prevention of the common cold or other flu like symptoms. Along with any form of sugars, a juice a drink beverage, or energy drink along with Glutamine DURING workouts, will eliminate these problems almost entirely yet keep you energized at the same time to continue finishing your workout.Cortisol the hormone i was talking about earlier, can be countered with sugars, glucose pretty much. It is an agonist to the stress hormone.