The Gillette fusion power razor has been around for a few years now. The trend has been for a move for more and more blades to give a closer shave. The more cyincal amongst us may feel it is all just a marketing and advertising gimick. It only feels like yesterday that the Gillette sensor excel with its swivel head was the latest shaving tool on the market but now we have five bladed razors or six if we include the single precision blade on the back of the fusion cartridge head. With the fusion power, as with the M3 power the razor head vibrates which gives a smoother shaving action. While it makes the act of shaving more plesant I am not certain that the vibration results in a closer shave. Now that we are up to five blades on the front of each cartridge, does this produce much of a difference in both the quality and feel of the shave?

As far as the feel of the shave is concerned I do feel that the gillette fusion power razor cartridges do feel nice during the act of shaving itself. I do not shave every day. Partly this is because I quite like the Indiana Jones stubble look, also I prefer to avoid the irritation to my skin of shaving every day and for my work it is not required. Finally by shaving only once or twice a week I am under the impression that this will help prolong the life of my razor blades. Not shaving every day means that when it does come to personal grooming day my mini beard is much thicker than just a single day's growth. This means that when I use the standard gillett fusion razor without the power functionality it does feel like I am tearing at my face. This is not a slight against the normal fusion razor as such, all other non-vibrating razors that I use result in a similar sort of skin irritaiton. What is improved with the five bladed razor though is that I can remove the stubble with less passes which helps reduce the burning sensation. I never actually used the M3 power razor so can't really compare it with the newer fusion power from Gillette. However I do really like the newer model. The way I analyse it in my head is that the vibrations just provide tiny bits of extra movement which help me guide the razor over my face. It definitely feels much less damaging to my skin when I use this type of automatic razor.

Both the vibrating and standard models come with a "precision" blade on the back of the cartridge head (behind the lubrication strip) which can be used to hairs around the nose as well as side burns and even eyebrows for those inclined. As the number of blades on the front increases having a single blade available for use on the rear becomes more and more useful. For example it becomes very difficult to line up side burns exactly trying to use the five blades on the front side but with the single on the rear, it is positioned right near the top so it is very easy to know exactly where the blade you are using is located.

Comparing the vibrating model with the standard one I do prefer the power version. This is simply because if gives me less skin irritation as it seems to glide over the skin as opposed to feel like I am pulling the hairs out. This of course could be something to do with the fact that my stubble is almost beard like by the time I get round to having a shave. With the vibrating model it seems easier to cut through the growth.

Dispite preferring the feeling of the gillette fusion power battery operated razor over the non-vibrating model, it doesn't actually seem to provide a closer shave. It simply gives a gentler shave. This makes it a worthy additon to any shaving cabinet. Both ensure a close shave that feels nice and smooth. Some people may not like the feeling of the vibrating razor against the skin. Initially I found it somewhat ticklish but now I am much more used to it. I enjoy the feeling to a certain extent.

Both razors give an excellent shave and the fusion power model gives an even smoother shave with respect to the actual act of shaving. So is there a down side to these razors. Unfortunately there is. And it is the typical drawback to any premium product and that is the price. As with marketing for many products the cost of the razor itself is relatively cheap however it is the recurring cost of purchasing fresh razor blades that may become somewhat expensive. This is another other reasons why I shave only once or twice a week. It helps my razor blades to last much longer. I can get away with using one fusion cartridge a month if I push it. For someone shaving every day though using a cartridge a week would likely be the upper limit. When buying packs of eight gillette fusion power cartridges the cost per cartridge comes in at about $3. This might work out at about $150 per year. Possibly a bit more or less depending on frequency of shaving.

If money is no object then these razors are worth going for. Whereas if money is a major factor, then the cost of the replacement razor blades may well be prohibitively expensive. I like to use the power fusion razor when I have four or five day's worth of growth to cut through. Then at times when I have only a day or two to remove I use an older style two bladed razor as this is perfectly capable of providing a close and smooth shave. I would recommend the power model simply because of the way it bounces and glides over the skin. I hope this gillette fusion power razor review has been helpful and that you now have a clearer idea of whether this razor is for you.