boy meets world

Yes, the out of the blue rumors appear to be true. A sequel to the popular 90's sitcom Boy Meets World is getting a sequel rather orignally named Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel.

Why that title?

The sequel Girl Meets World follows Cory and Topanga's 13 year old daughter Riley and she struggles through puberty in these modern times. The executive producers from Boy Meets World, Michael Jacobs, is developing this one so it sound be pretty good.

You know what would not make it good? If they failed to return at least half of the original cast.

As of right now, Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence) have signed up to reprise their roles on the show. It is unclear whether Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) or Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) will make any permanent appearnaces, if any.

The story, as previously mentions, follows the 13 year old daughter of the happily married Corey and Topanga Matthews through her turbulent life. While Topanga's occupation is unclear, Cory has become a 7th grade science teacher like his childhood mentor Mr. Feeny. Cory now has Mr. Feenys' job of guiding his students through their childhood.

One particualrly troubled student is Maya, his daughter Rileys' best friend. She is essentially the Shawn Hunter of this reboot. She is not the best student, some what troubled at home, and has never met her father. Therefore she sees Cory as her father figure.

The details on the rest of the plot are fairly sketchy. Since the show stays pretty close to its sequel, I imagine it will have a lot of fun coming to age situations. It will be interesting to see this coming of age comedy approach modern problems like they did in Boy Meets World, where the problems were very tame and kind of had a christian goodness vibe to them.

Since we are on a blast from the past kick here, let's see what the Boy Meets World stars have been up to.

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Where Are They Now

Ben Savage (Cory Matthews)

cory matthewsCory is the protagonist of the series. He starts off as a dorky, neurotic slacker. As he grows up, he becomes less of a slacker, but still remains nuerotic and paranoid. Cory is the idealic one of the grow who dreams bigger than what is achieveable. However, he proves to be a loyal friend and boyfriend later husband.

After his long standing role as Cory Matthews, Ben Savage did not do much serious long standing work after that. He appeared in some popular shows such as Chuck, Without a Trace, and Bones but only as bit parts.

He may not have had any huge acting parts, but after Boy Meets World wrapped up he attended Stanford University where he obtained a degree in Political Science in 2004.

Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence)

topanga lawrenceTopanga was Corys' love interest, then girlfriend, then wife throughout the series. She started out as a hippie vegitarian that sat at the weird kids table, but as she matured the show did less focus on her enviromentalist beliefs. She became one of those overachieving smart kids in the series. Topanga provided a balance to Corys' idealist nature by being a realist.

Like Savage, Fishel did not land any particularly stunning roles. She starred in B-Movies like National Lampoons Dorm Daze and Game Box 1.0 and made brief appearance on Nikki.

In 2006 she went on the Tyra Banks Show where she discussed her weight loss using the Nutrisystem diet, after the show she was signed on as a Nutrisystem spokeswoman. She also later became a corrispondant for the Tyra Banks Show in 2007.

Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter)

shawn hunterShawn Hunter was the bad boy of Boy Meets World. He grew up in a trailer park, where his mother abandoned him and his father leaves to go find her. This leaves him bouncing around home for awhile and doing poorly in school. Even through all his problems, Cory and Shawn remain best friends throughout the series. Shawn was the character that was most prone to depression and alcoholism.

Rider Strong, unlike the other two stars, has been one busy beaver since the show ended. Not only did he return to college at Columbia University and graduate magna cum laude with a degree in English in 2004, but he starred in many films.

A notable film was Cabin Fever, I would not called it a hit, but it is one of my favorite horror films. He also provided voice talent for Kim Possible with his Boy Meets World co-star Will Friedle.

Aside from those, Rider Strong also made apperances in my short films, including one he made himself with his brother Shiloh Strong called Irish twins.

Will Friedle (Eric Matthews)

eric matthewsEric plays Corys' cooler elder brother. Eric begins the series as being a suave ladies man, but then sort of fades into comic relief later. He is under estimated by his slacker and class clown demeanor, but has a large amount of untapped potential that impresses those around him.

Will Friedle seemed to find that his passion lay not on acting on screen but rather doing so off screen. He has provided his voice talent to many animated cartoons. Spanning from video games like Kingdom Hearts to television shows like Kim Possible, Teen Titans, Thunder Cats, and most recently the Mad television show.

William Daniels (Mr. Feeny)

mr feenyMr. Feeny served as a constant mentor to the young stars of the show. He started a teacher, then grew to be principal and neighbor, later he ended up as their college professor. While he tries to keep the traditional student-teacher relationship, it is clear he care for Cory, Shawn, Eric, and Topanga more than he lets on.

William Daniels, now 85 years old, has slowed down on his acting career, but never stopped. He has reprised his role as K.I.T.T.'s voice on several different shows, including The Simpsons and played other minor voice roles.

He has most recently turned up as Dr. Craig Thomas on Grey's Anatomy.