Bring a dark room to life for the kids with these five cool glowing wall sticker sets.

Remember when you were a kid and first experienced a glow in the dark sticker or play toy? It's a memorable moment for kids, full of wonder. How can you not love decorating with wall stickers that glow throughout the night? Here are some of the best glow in the dark wall stickers on the market - some are beautiful and others are downright silly, but in any case they are a real sight when the lights are turned off. Star Explosion Glow In The Dark

These stickers are super safe to put on your walls. Like any other set of wall stickers, they are built for easy usage (both on and off), and they won't harm your wall treatments. So, there's no stopping you from creating a real cool glow in the dark show for the kids. 

Take a look at five of the top choices out there:

Star Explosion Glow In The Dark

Maybe the greatest gift you can give a junior astronomer next to a telescope.

Great Explorations Star Explosion
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(price as of Sep 8, 2016)
This is easily the most popular form of glow in the dark wall stickers out there, and the reasons are many. Stars (and outer space in general) are hugely popular with kids, and star packs (particularly this one) offer a massive bang for the buck in terms of quantity of stickers. This pack comes with over 700 stars, galaxy shapes, and comets to be arranged all around the walls and even on the ceiling. All the stickers are rechargeable: they just need a little room light, and they'll come back to life!

For a kid who loves astronomy, this is the gift that keeps on giving. He or she can create massive star fields, new galaxies, or even try to recreate the constellations. The pack, in fact, comes with a constellation star chart that gives the kids the layouts of some of the most popular constellations, making creating them a breeze.

This is one of those items that bridges the gap perfectly between fun and educational. It's both, without sacrificing one for the other.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Wall Decals

Glow in the dark light sabers? Yes, please.

RoomMates RMK1382SCS Star Wars: the Clone Wars Glow in the Dark Wall Decals, Pack of 28
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(price as of Sep 8, 2016)
If sci-fi is your child's thing, especially Star Wars, these are amazing wall stickers to decorate their bedrooms and playrooms with. The set of twenty-eight stickers features many of the most popular characters, from R2D2 and Anakin Skywalker to Yoda and Obi-Wan. And best of all, those light sabers - they all glow in the dark. Your child will just love seeing those sabers shine bright just like in the movies.

These wall stickers are reusable, too. You can peel them off and move them to a different wall space many times over, so if your oldest outgrows the theme, they can be moved to the youngest's room or gifted to a family with young Star Wars fans in training.

Vibrant Glow In The Dark Butterflies

Perfect for nurseries or girl's rooms!

Vibrant Butterflies Nursery/Kids' Room Wall Sticker Decals (Glow in the dark)
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(price as of Sep 8, 2016)
Not every glow in the dark sticker needs to have an astronomy theme. These glowing butterflies are a very popular choice. They work great in nurseries, and little girls typically love them much more than than the many sci-fi themes out there. They are perfect to add a playful touch to bedrooms and children's bathrooms.

These, too, are reusable, so you can move them if you are looking to take a room's style in a different direction.

Yoda Giant Wall Decal With Glow In The Dark Light Saber

Yes, it's Star Wars again, but it's Yoda and he's giant!

RoomMates RMK1402GM Star Wars: the Clone Wars Yoda Glow in the Dark Giant Wall Decal
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(price as of Sep 8, 2016)
Yoda is one of the most popular of all Star Wars characters for kids, and this is a unique treat for any young Star Wars fans (and even some older ones too!)

Coming in at three feet tall, this sticker is actually taller than the "official" height of Yoda himself (officially a little over two feet), so the character feels (and is) giant on the wall. And that big light saber, like with the other Star Wars stickers, brightly glows when the lights are off.

For the young ones, having a giant wall sticker near the height of themselves with a glow in the dark light saber to boot can't be beat.

Glow In The Dark Eyes: Toilet Monster

Funny and spooky, great on wall corners too!

GLOW IN THE DARK EYEs - TOILET MONSTER Decal Bathroom Wall Funny Cute Sticker
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(price as of Sep 8, 2016)
Ok, the main purpose of these glow in the dark eyes is for a little bit of silly toilet fun, but they can be placed nearly anywhere. They are a blast for the kids, and they are perfect as a Halloween trick for adults. Seeing those green eyes glowing at night will give any new-comer a little playful fright!

This set is also excellent for wall corners. At a foot across, it's got the size to work well for many normal-sized rooms and still give that moment of surprise that you are after when you purchase this wall sticker.

Make Your Kid's Rooms Glow

There are great selections here to give your kids a lot of glow in the dark fun. Whether he or she is an astronomy buff, a sci-fi fan, or just a lover of pretty things, there are cool glow in the dark wall stickers that fit. They're going to love showing them off to their friends, so be prepared for a lot of flashing room lights when you've got these stickers all set up!