Hey there & G'day from down under

We would like to say a great big G'day from Australia on the Gold coast. GREETINGS, salutations, ¡Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Hallo and many more from around the world.

You may have heard the odd yarn that since ancient times, we Aussies love to Barbeque or BBQ. Well in traditional Aussie style we ourselves love to stoke our wood fired cookers that we cook our famous roasts on.

Not all the time, because you have to sleep sometime, we all sit around drinking XXXX or fourex beer which is my prefered choice of ale.

Everyday Aussies contrary to popular belief we do not throw another shrimp on the barbie if we BBQ prawns at all.

Aussie fun in the parks
Credit: TJ Short

Gold Coast Attractions

At work or play many Aussies are to put it quite simply, all about fun.

 Down under here in Australia especially on the Gold coast we have a wide range of theme parks just for fun.

Most of the Gold coast theme parks have many fun family activities. Often you can spend more than a day to learn about & enjoy each of the parks.

These range from the wild water & fun parks rides to the mild, feeding the native birds at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to chauffeur driven on a Harley Davidson. 

To name a few close by on the gold coast we have Ripleys believe it or not, White water world, Dreamworld, Movie world, Sea world, and more.

Gold coast attractions
Credit: TJ Short

Gold coast lucky bunch

On the coast I would have to say, we are a lucky bunch.

We can go from an early morning bushwalk in the mountains close by or sight seeing trip to one of the many prized gardens.

We can then jump in the car to take an often relaxing 20 minute or so drive, finishing with surfing at Surfers Paradise.

All before having a laid back lunchtime picnic in one of the scenic local parks. Before heading out on to one of the seemingly endless Gold coast beaches for a lazy afternoon stroll. 

OR you could head an hour or so down the M1 motorway to the Northern rivers for a more adventurous or laid back day or three.

Whilst visiting the Northern rivers I recommend you check into one of the bed & breakfasts in cosy Hastings Point for a quiet old fashioned yet modern getaway spot.

Heading further down the coast you can then take in the sights as you're passing through the urban cross rural farming, yet quaint town of Lismore.

As you are heading an hour or so further south west of the Tweed.

About 3 quarters of an hour west, from Lismore you come across Casino and surrounding districts.

I am lucky I have always been driven through these areas.

You can very easily while away the hours taking in the ever changing beauty of the landscape.

Hastings point Northern NSW
Credit: TJ Short

You are entering Australian bush ranger country

If you dare go further you are warned you are venturing into bush ranger country.


Though the area seems peaceful there is always a nagging thought, as I drive through the area between Casino and the New England table lands.

I wonder if captain Thunderbolt's family are still out there, still hiding from the law, after all these years. Will it be this time that on of captain Thunderbolt's family or his gohst strikes.

Captain Thunderbolt near Tenterfield
Credit: Frederick Wordsworth Ward (aka Captain Thunderbolt) {{PD-US}} wikipedia

Aussie humor

Hey check that out not an Aussie beer bottle or prawn in sight.

I think there are some empties coming up soon though YEP we love our booze 8) Now you may be thinking when do we get our work done if we're always drinking. Well sorry to dissapoint but we don't always have a drink in our hands.

Aussie fun with watermelon
Credit: TJ Short

Aussie fun

Fun begins at ausis for all whether it be fun making soap, watching your stains come out or playing a game on our site.

We are true blue 100% aussies at ausis. Drop on by for a look and see what we have on offer for you we're sure we have something for just about anyone.

We love ♥ fun in Australia and we show that we love ♥ fun at ausis too. 

If you are looking for some home grown Aussie fun head on over and check out some of our sites such as ausis fun page or our games and gadgets sections.

Aussie fun party
Credit: TJ Short