Not everyone can afford homeownership, but just because you lack a yard does not mean you cannot enjoy dog ownership. Even those who live in an apartment in a skyscraper can own a dog. Before purchasing a dog, check your lease and make sure the apartment complex allows dogs. Some only allow small dogs and others have banned dogs like rottweilers. It is wise to know this before you get a dog.

However some dogs naturally need a lot of space to run around and to burn energy in. However, this is not the case for all dogs.

If you think that just because you live in an apartment you need to get a small dog to save space, you would be wrong. Even the biggest dogs can live in an apartment very happily.

yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The yorkshire terrier makes an excellent apartment dog because of its size. The yorkshire terrier is a very tiny dog that only weighs about fifteen pounds at most. Historically, the yorkshire terrier was bred from other terriers to be smaller. Unlike other terriers, they were bred to be better lap dogs instead of hunters.

Also unlike other terriers the yorkshire terrier is not an extremely energetic dog. They do have a certain amount of energy and playfulness that needs to be fulfilled, but because of their size they do not need a large yard if any.

Yorkshire terriers also have a good amount of independence. Once properly potty trained, they will be perfectly happy being left alone in your apartment all day while you are at work. Yorkshire terriers are like a shy person, they need some time away from people to recharge. Even though they need some time to themselves, yorkshire terriers are incredibly assertive. They like to nudge their way into every activity making them a fun little addition to your apartment.

king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The king charles spaniel is a great little apartment dog. They are a little smaller than cocker spaniels, but look just a beautiful. If you are a clean freak, these dogs my not be for you. Their hair tends to shed quite a bit so you may have to sweep more often.

If you have a lot of people over to your apartment, the king charles spaniel is the perfect dog. They love meeting new people and are very friendly. They get so attached to human company that they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They are a good dog if you have roommates that can keep them company during the times you are away.

The king charles spaniel is also a good little snuggler. They do not have a huge need to play frequently so they make an excellent lap dog. The king charles spaniel is also one of the few dogs to interact very well with cats and other dogs.

stafford terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

The american staffordshire terrier only makes a good apartment dog if you can be active with it. If you like to go for lots of walks or jog, this dog can be a well behaved apartment dog. This is a good option if you wanted something that looked like a pitbull or a bulldog, but your apartment does not allow them.

They do require more exercise than other dogs on this list. They make perfect companions to those that live an active life. When they are not bursting with energy, they are just big old couch potatoes. They have a high endurance for physical activity, so they do not like short games of anything.

The staffordshire terrier can be destructive if you leave it alone when it has a lot of energy, so it is recommended you have someone to watch it during the day.



This may surprise a lot of people. Greyhounds are notorious racing dogs. However when a greyhound is retired from racing they become what people call the '45 miles per hour couch potato'. the greyhound still does love to run so this is another dog for people who love to walk or go jogging. They can gain weight very easily if they do not get enough exercise.

Greyhounds also love to be around people. Like yorkshire terriers, they can be very assertive. If you and some friends are all sitting around, it will want to be in the middle of that. The greyhound is also great with strangers. They make poor watch dogs but good dogs if you have a lot of people over.

If you have to be gone for long periods of time for work, it is not recommended that you get a greyhound. they need almost constant attention to remain happy. If you really want to make a greyhound happy, get them another greyhound playmate.

great dane(122085)

Great Dane

If you were surprised by greyhounds, you will definitely be surprised by this. A great dane being a good apartment dog seems like utter madness, but it is really not so. Great Danes, while huge, are also extremely lazy. They do not need to run around and they love nothing more than to just lounge around on the couch. If you live in an apartment by yourself, this is the perfect option. You will never feel alone with a great dane taking up half your couch or bed.

The great dane is also incredibly quiet, which your neighbors will be thankful for. However, when they do bark it is extremely loud. Thier size and loud bark make them a decent watch dog. Burglars will definitely be frightened off by a dog that is almost as tall as them.

While good apartment dogs, you might get a few strange looks if you live in a sky scraper apartment and walk around with a great dane. Thier size makes them stand out like a sore thumb.

They are true gentle giants though. They are very low maintenance dog when it comes to attention. They have a nice low energy level so you do not have to worry about playing with them all the time.