dogs and kids

If you are considering getting a dog to teach your children responsibility or just considering getting a dog for your family, make sure you are getting an appropriate dog. Some dog breeds do not handle children well, though they technically can be trained to be nice. However, you do not want to risk have nature take over nurture.

If you are looking for a family dog that will be good with your kids try these breed.

A word of warning though, just because your dog is good with your kids does not mean it will necessarily be good with other kids. Dogs can be very protective and if it feels your kids are in danger, it could attack.

golden retriever

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is a classic breed of dog. They have many traits that dog owners admire and wish a dog to have. They are intelligent, loving, gentle, loyal, and have very attractive looks. The golden retriever, as the name suggests, was originally bred as a hunting dog in Scotland in the 1800's. They are still superior retrievers and love to play fetch.

Golden retrievers are huge fans of human company. If you are gone for long periods of time, a golden retriever may not be right for you. They grow so attached to their owners that they can suffer from separation anxiety, unlike other more independent dog breeds.

What makes the golden retriever so good with children, other than their loving nature, is that they are extremely patient. They will not snap right a way when a child say, tugs on their ears, tail, or hair too hard.


The Beagle

If the golden retrievers' long shaggy golden coat is not something you want to clean up after, consider going for a beagle. Beagles have a similar loving nature, they are full of energy and love to play. Beagles are also extremely friendly and mellow mannered.

The beagle is an old breed of hound, they were originally bred around 200 AD in Europe. They became very much sought after by hunters because of their top notch sense of smell, it made them out to be excellent trackers.

The Beagle has a nice short coat that requires minimal maintenance, no one can resist those long floppy ears and sad brown eyes. These dogs, like golden retrievers, also get very attached to their humans and can have separation anxiety when you leave.

These dogs love to play and are full of energy, if you have a child with similarly large energy the Beagle will make an excellent playmate. However, make sure your yard is properly fenced in. The beagle, more so than most other dogs, has a tendency to like to wander. For some reason, the beagle will wander away when given the chance.

bichon frise(122030)

Bichon Frise

If you are looking for a small dog that is good with your children, try a Bichon Frise. These dogs are small but full of energy and very playful. The Bichon Frise was bred to be a fluffy little lapdog which is why its curly coat somewhat resembles a sheep. The bichon frise is an odd breed of dog, it is even tempered but feisty, it is very high energy but a surprisingly quiet dog.

Due to its playful nature, the bichon frise was often trained as a circus dog to perform tricks. Due to this, the bichon frise learns tricks fairly easily. They are particularly good as learning to dance around on his hind legs.

The bichon frise seems like it should be a delicate dog, but it is surprisingly built to be very sturdy. The high energy, good temperament and sturdy nature of this dog makes it a good playmate for small children.

This small dog, like most small dogs, loves to cuddle. It was bred to be a lapdog after all. So after it is done playing with your children all day, the bichon frise loves to cuddle up on a lap and take a nap.

Though because of their white fur, they will require washing quite frequently to keep their color.

cocker spaniel(122031)

Cocker Spaniel

If you are looking for a dog with a little more original coloring than the plain golden retriever ot the white bichon frise, try a cocker spaniel. The cocker spaniel is not only a sweet and loyal dog, but it is also a beautiful one. The cocker spaniel has a beautiful wavy coat that is speckled with everything from white, black, and grey to brown.

The cocker spaniel, unlike the other spaniels, was bred to be small so it could be used for flushing out small game out of bushes. Today the cocker spaniel still loves to dive into the bush and sniff around. It is too bad, because their wavy fur easily picks up twigs and burrs.

The cocker spaniel has less energy than some of our other option, but it still retains a even tempered and loyal persona for your children. They make excellent lap dogs, but not so good of play mates.

Because of their long wavy hair, they will require more brushing than any other dog to keep their hair silky and smooth.



The labrador, or the lab, as it is commonly called is a great well rounded dog. They share many of the admirable characteristics that golden retrievers have. They make a perfect dog to the tiniest child to the oldest adult.

The labrador is one of the oldest recognized dog breeds. They were developed in Newfoundland to retrieve fishing nets or loose fish for the fisherman. Today labs still love to swim. They are accomplished swimmers with webbed feet. Thier favorite game is fetching something out of water.

Because they are water dogs, they have quite the oily coat. Their coat is short, but still also sheds as well. On days where the lab because wet, you will notice that your hand feels a bit oily after petting them.

Aesthetics aside, the lab is a great all around dog for children. They have a very balanced amount of everything. They love humans, but can occupy themselves when you are away. They love to play, but they do not have an excessive amount of energy. Labs are intelligent, but will not outsmart you.

They make loving and patient companions for everyone in the family.