Next to Halloween costumes, the thing I love most about Halloween is the lights. Halloween lights kick off the holiday season in dramatic fashion. They turn a normal looking home into something just slightly spooky and most definitely more fun. They announce to all the young trick-or-treaters out there that you are a Halloween fanatic and that they are welcome to your home. Plus, Halloween lights are a must to set the tone for a Halloween party of any kind.

And like Christmas lights, you've got a wide variety of options, from festive twinkle lights to Halloween paper lanterns and seasonal pumpkin lights. And that's just the beginning. Below are my five favorite Halloween lights that help turn your normal home (inside or out) into a spooky and fun holiday masterpiece. 

The Flashing Eyes Lights

Peep n' Peepers Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights
Amazon Price: $19.99 $9.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 31, 2016)

Peep n' Peepers Flashing Eyes Halloween LightsCredit: amazon.comWhat a fun way to add some spook to your yard or party without going overboard scary! These flashing eyes are exactly what you think. You hide them in your foliage or in a dimly lit room, and when turned on they glow and flash on and off at different intervals. What's created is that spooky sense of being watched by some sort of creature hiding about your home. 

Kids love these Halloween lights because they play with their imaginations. Really those eyes could be attached to just about any sort of monster! This makes them also an excellent choice for a haunted house. It starts getting all those that enter into the mood, and they look great filling in some dull corners of the space. 

Beyond working both indoors and outside, these flashing eye lights have the benefit of being able to be chained together. The strand in the package is twelve feet long and contains three sets of eyes about three feet apart each. You can chain together up to three sets, so if you've got a large hedgerow, you're covered. The triple chain will cover up to 36 feet. 

Orange Twinkle Lights amazon.comOrange is definitely the must-use color of the Halloween season. It's the color of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and candied corn, speaking to many of the things that make the holiday great. So just like the red and green of Christmas, decorating with orange twinkle lights is an immediate sign that you're into the holiday.

Twinkle lights may seem less exciting than other types of Halloween lights, but they'll surprise you with their versatility. You can decorate trees, mailboxes, porches, and even table legs with twinkle lights, and there are some out there that are even battery-powered so you don't need to be near an electrical socket.

The kicker is this versatility comes at a very low price for the quantity you get. You can buy multiple strands of orange twinkle lights for less than $20. Some individual sets even fall below five dollars! That's cheap, especially for the creativity it allows. 

Pumpkin And Candy Corn Lights

NOMA/INLITEN-IMPORT V34862 150-Light Candy Corn Set
Amazon Price: $29.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 31, 2016)

Sylvania Halloween Light Set Candy Corn Clusters Lights Black Wire PumpkinCredit: amazon.comSpeaking of pumpkins and candy corn, this is a set that actually celebrates both! Pumpkin lights are definitely a big time favorite during the holiday because the jack-o'-lantern adds spook without being overly scary, and that's great for the youngest kids around. The candy corn twinkle lights are an added bonus to this set that really set it apart from other seasonal strand lighting. The multiple-colored bulb in orange and yellow looks a lot like the real thing!

The fancier strand lights tend to not be as long as normal twinkle light sets, and this one's no exception, coming in at nine feet long. So if you want to decorate a porch, you may need a couple of sets to really cover the ground. If you're looking just to accent a simple railing, then one set will most likely work just fine.

Halloween Rope Lights

Celebrations Halloween Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights 18',Purple
Amazon Price: $13.99 $10.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 31, 2016)

Celebrations Halloween Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights 18',PurpleCredit: amazon.comLike twinkle lights, rope lights are definitely one of those staple Halloween lights that set the tone of  your home without becoming conversation pieces themselves. They're another must-have for major holiday decorating just because of economics. You get a lot of light for the money, so you can cover a lot of ground. It's perfect for accenting your home or giving back-up support to your larger Halloween outdoor animatronics

Like the Flashing eyes, you can connect these rope lights together to create mega-strands, in this case up to two-hundred feet in length. That's enough to trim the entire frame of many homes in a spooky glow. 


Spider Window Silhouette

15" Lighted LED Spider Web Halloween Window Silhouette DecorationCredit: amazon.comLighted window silhouettes are awesome for all throughout the holiday season, and Halloween brings out many excellent choices. My favorite of the bunch is the giant spider on the web. Spiders are another staple icon for the holiday, and while more scary than pumpkins (typically), they aren't as creepy as many other options. So they do make for a great family friendly Halloween decoration.

It's always important to check "readability" of window silhouettes from the outdoors. It's after all where people will be enjoying them, so you want to make sure the passing trick-or-treater knows exactly what it is glowing from within your home. This spider is fifteen inches across and a simple silhouette to get at a glance, so it'll read very well from the outdoors. 

Light Up The Night

You can make your holiday really special for the kids when you use Halloween lights all around your space. Again, they give that welcoming vibe to those trick-or-treating or coming to your Halloween party. And decorating for the holidays is always a blast as family bonding time, so get out there and light up the night this Halloween. It's a treat not just for you, but also for the entire neighborhood.