Proceed with caution, zombie lover.

A warning before you get too deep: Some of these Halloween prosthetics can be very realistic looking. If you don't like the idea of blood, gore, and of course zombie attacks in general...stop reading now. 

Still here? Great! Let's go:

Zombies and zombie attacks are about as popular as can be these days, and if you're here, you're thinking about getting dressed up for Halloween as one of these undead creatures. Or perhaps as a human who has recently been mauled by the undead. That's cool. You're going to have a lot of fun with this. But know it's going to involve some serious Halloween prosthetics. 

The Walking Dead Little Girl Mouth Latex MaskLuckily the Internet has you covered! Want to make a real looking zombie, with skin torn asunder and grotesque wounds that appear to go deep? You can do it. I've got my five favorite Halloween prosthetics below that just scream "zombie attack!!!" With them, you can put the fright right into fright night. 

The Walking Dead Little Girl Mouth

Maybe the most famous of all.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead (and more than likely you are if you're here), the little girl zombie moment from the first episode of season 1 is probably burnt into your brain. The slightly pigeon-toed shuffle, the loose holding of the teddy bear, and of course...the reveal. When she turns around, it's that mouth all torn up that grabs you. 

You can make that happen on Halloween. Or a The Walking Dead theme party any time of the year. Dressing up like a zombie has become a universal pastime, you know. 

The little girl mouth above will fit on most normal-sized adult heads. It's a latex prosthetic mask, not just an overlay, so it will wrap around the bottom half of your face. For all of these prosthetics, I recommend purchasing an additional bottle of spirit gum. But for this one (and all other masks), it's more of a must. They can take a lot of glue to keep in place during the night (especially if you're moving around a lot, like at a Halloween party), and often the amount you get with the package is barely enough for the first placement. 

See the famous zombie prosthetic in action.

This could be you!

The Open Wound

This could be a zombie bite too.

Rubie's Costume Reel F/X Ouch Open Wound Kit, Red, One Size
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(price as of Dec 2, 2016)

Rubie's Costume Reel F/X Ouch Open Wound KitCredit: Amazon.comAll zombies have open wounds on their body. They don't feel anything and their skin is just an afterthought at this point. So you're going to need to get some open wound Halloween prosthetics in place if you are going full steam down the zombie trail. 

This one looks great on a shoulder. It's an area of the body that's easily shown and isn't affected by movement in ways that other prosthetic locations may be. That means it'll have a better chance of sticking for the entire night. But remember to pack that additional spirit gum just in case. 

What adds to its "squeam" factor is that you can see the muscle fibers underneath. Gross, but like a train wreck, it's hard to look away. 

If you're going as a just-bitten human, this is an excellent option too. The open wound looks enough like a bite or a mauling to pull it off. 

The Split Jaw

Not every zombie has perfect skeletal function...

The Walking Dead Split Jaw Latex Appliance, Standard color, One Size
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(price as of Dec 2, 2016)

The Walking Dead Split Jaw Latex MaskCredit: Amazon.comIf you've watched any zombie TV shows or movies, you know that zombies can take a licking and they'll keep coming. You can chop off arms, break bones, and even cut them in half, and they'll still crawl towards fresh meat. Scary, but totally fun to play with during Halloween.

You can do this very easily with your jaw line. In fact, this split jaw latex zombie mask gives the appearance that your jaw has really been demolished. Your tongue no longer has a place to sit, so it falls out of your mouth. Again, gross, I know. But totally zombie cool. 

Like the zombie prosthetic mask above, you'll want to pack extra spirit gum if you're hitting the Halloween party trail or even if you're doing an extended bout of trick-or-treating. 

The Spike Wound (With Spike Still Attached)

This is about a zombie ATTACK, after all.

Rubie's Costume Reel F/X Spiked Spike Wound with Attached Spike CostumeCredit: Amazon.comNo zombies are safe during a zombie attack. Humans are going to fight for their lives using any sharp objects they can find. It's a moment about pure survival, man vs. the undead, and only one will come out...well "alive" isn't the right word here. Only one shall survive!

So if you're dressing up like a zombie this Halloween, you'll want not only the wound prosthetics, but a few sharp object prosthetics that appear to have pierced you. My favorite of these is the spike. It reads much better than an arrow from afar, and the wounded area is a lot more gory due to the size of the spike. It looks awesome as a shoulder wound (as pictured). 

The Chomped Bite Wound

For the neck mauling. A recently-turned zombie favorite.

Rubie's Costume Reel F/X Chomped Bite Wound Kit
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Rubie's Costume Reel F/X Chomped Bite Wound KitMonsters of all kinds always go for the neck. It's that jugular, you know. It gives them the best opportunity for a quick bloodletting. So if you want to present yourself as a recently turned zombie with few other wounds, a serious neck wound like this is an excellent place to start. 

This zombie prosthetic is also cool because you don't need to worry about showing any skin with the rest of your costume. It lives on an area that's seen no matter what outfit you're wearing. Plus it reads very well from far distances, so at a Halloween party, you'll have an immediate impact no matter how big the room. 

Make Heads Turn With Your Zombie Realism

Halloween prosthetics are cool for all kinds of costumes, but with zombies it's taken to a whole different level. These are creatures with whole chunks of skin taken out of them. Blood and gore is just part of their daily existence. It's the perfect thing to dress up as at Halloween if you're looking for the ultimate scare and attention. 

With all of these costume prosthetics, remember to be prepared. It's not an if, it's a when in terms of needing additional spirit gum. Keep it with you at all times, especially if you've got a prosthetic wound placed on an area that moves a lot (like on a joint or a hand) or you're doing very physical activities like dancing. But this is only a minor annoyance for what probably will be the best costume in the room! Go forth, zombie lover, and make your vision a gory reality!

Don't Forget The Extra Spirit Gum...

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