Halloween. It's about the spookiness, the scariness, and...the love? Yes! For many couples, Halloween is an amazing time to get married. They're called Halloweddings, and if you're reading this, you're either thinking of one or you've already decided on one. And now it's time for the planning. Halloween wedding invitations are the first stop since the date (or at least the date range) is pretty much set for you. 

The best Halloween wedding invitations run a fine line between seasonal and romance. They nod (heavily of course) to Halloween, but they also feel special and even slightly traditional. Why? You want your guests to love the idea of a Hallowedding. It is, after all, not a common thing! The goal of good Halloween wedding invitations are to get the family and friends that you are inviting over their trepidation and into the fun of the choice that you've made. Mixing a traditional wedding invitation look with Halloween colors, symbols, and icons is then a smart choice to make.IB Designs Fall Wedding Invitations Grunge Frame Orange - Pack of 10

Below are five of the best Halloween wedding invitations that do just that. They mix the colors of the season with spooky, creepy, and fun graphics while still maintaining that traditional edge that people are familiar with and trust. Remember the writing on these examples is not printed on these cards. Only the graphics. The wording you supply yourself and print separately on the cards. So you'll need to get your creativity flowing to get the right Hallowedding message for your big day! 

Fall Wedding Invitations

More traditional than other options.

Let's start with the most traditional option of the ones here. This is the simplest of all the designs, so if you're looking for the least spooky option, you've found it! It's a simple streaked orange card that falls into a black pocket. The black name plate that comes pre-printed is ornate and slightly gothic looking, perfect for the season. It's all tied together with a white satin bow. If you're trying to get your Hallowedding to appeal to a more conservative set, this is an excellent solution as it feels as much fall as it does Halloween. That is, until you add your writing. You've got lots of card space to add a very cool Hallowedding message that'll help your guests get what the theme of your big day is. 

The Skeleton Skull "Till Death Do Us Part"

Creepy fun that plays on a traditional wedding quote.

IB Designs Fall Wedding Invitations Til Death Do Us Part Orange - Pack of 10Credit: amazon.comIf you want to go there full steam, this skeleton Hallowedding card gets you there fast. It screams Halloween the minute you get it, with the black card featuring the skull on an orange and gray background. And you can't miss the "Til Death Do Us Part" sign the skeleton is holding. It's a fun take on one of the more well-known wedding lines. The orange pocket that the black card goes in is also up to task featuring black streaks all over it. And of course the satin bow to tie in the traditional with the funky Halloween wedding theme. 

It's definitely a more aggressive Hallowedding card, so make sure you've got family and friends who'll get into it! If that's the case, then this is definitely one of the best!

Skeleton Bride And Groom

Something a little Alfred Gorey here. Spooky, quirky, and romantic.

IB Designs Fall Wedding Invitations Skeleton Wedding - Pack of 10
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IB Designs Fall Wedding Invitations Skeleton Wedding - Pack of 10My personal favorite choice. This is a relatively simple card, with a black pocket, an orange streaked card, and the white satin bow. What makes it special is how romantic the card feels. The skeleton bride and groom have a romantic quirkiness to them, like a scene from an Alfred Gorey cartoon or a Tim Burton movie. Those two specialize in that spooky romanticism and quirkiness, and the style works really well for Halloween wedding invitations. 

It's also fun because the the skeletons gives you something to feed off of (no pun intended) when writing your Hallowedding message for printing. You can get creative with the theme easily with this card set. 

Intertwining Skeleton Wedding

Beautiful and yet budget friendly.

Noteworthy Collections Skeleton Wedding Invitations in Orange Skeleton Wedding Tangerine - Pack of 20Credit: amazon.comAnother skeleton tribute, but this time those skeletons are intertwined with the earth. Roots and branches are growing through the bride and groom as a symbol of their eternal unity. This card too has a quirky romanticism that truly fits the special day.

It's a simpler card overall. It doesn't come with a pocket or a bow, just the card and mailing envelopes. You do get more bang for your buck here, nearly double the cards for a similar price as the other choices here. And mailing will be less costly too due to the simplicity and weight. So if the wedding budget is tight, this is a Hallowedding card set that'll help keep things in line. 

The White Jack-o'-lantern

IB Designs Fall Wedding Invitations Filigree Pumpkin Orange - Pack of 10It's not all about skeletons after all. There are other symbols of Halloween out there, perhaps one of the most famous being the jack-o'-lantern. It's a spooky and fun treat that families enjoy nearly every season, so it's well-loved, well-known, and widely accepted. It's a good step up from a blank Hallowedding card without crossing over to skeletons that may turn off certain family members. This orange patterned card does have the satin bow and the black pocket, so it's again more of the traditional feel compared to the budget option above. 

A Hallowedding That Appeals To All Generations

With all of these Halloween wedding invitations, remember: Your goal is to make everyone love your wedding. That means you need to appeal to a span of generations with potentially different ideas of what tradition means. It's tough, but it's possible. Mixing Halloween themes with more traditionally styled cards is a great place to start. When it's all together, you'll have Hallowedding invitations that look the part and welcome all your loved ones equally.