It is the season of the witch after all...

There is one time of year when witches come out en masse, and that's Halloween obviously! If you're one of the millions of families out there that love celebrating this fun, quirky, and spooky season, then you'll definitely want to pull witches into your decor mix. And these five Halloween witch decorations below are all tops in my book. 

The fun thing about witches is there's a creepiness to them that's tempered by a little whimsy. There's a sense of humor around them that keeps them from being too scary for the young ones, at least for most Halloween witch decorations. They're like jack-o'-lanterns in this way. 

Crashing Witch Wilma WipeoutCredit: Amazon.comI've chosen to feature the five below as excellent choices with that in mind. These are fun witch decorations that add to the spook, but not to the scare. A few are also pretty funny! Perfect for getting some Halloween laughs on one of the most fun nights of the year. So whether you're dressing up your home, a haunted house, or a classroom, enjoy these five great options to bring witches to life.

The Crashing Witch Wilma Wipeout

Flying a broom can be dangerous.

Crashing Witch Wilma Wipeout
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(price as of May 27, 2013)

What happens when a witch is admiring the landscape more than the sky in front of her? Here's the answer! It's a silly take on flying witches that can lighten the mood of the season. Perfect as an outdoor Halloween decoration that welcomes trick-or-treaters to your home.

It's a big piece: about four and a half feet tall, so she'll wrap her arms around a lot of different poles, trees, or even mailboxes. And you've got to love the striped stocking legs with red shoes (sort of like the Wicked Witch of the East) to bring a fun familiarity to it. 

The Wicked Witch of the East Legs

Just like the movies...

Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition 18" Wicked Witch Legs Prop
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(price as of May 27, 2013)

Wicked Witch Legs PropCredit: Amazon.comSpeaking of wicked witches, why not create a surprise by making it look like your house, deck, or desk has landed on top of the most evil witch this side of Kansas? Everyone knows (and loves) The Wizard of Oz, so you can expect big smiles when they see these legs, striped stocking, and ruby slippers. It's definitely my favorite of all Halloween witch decorations because it's so universal. 

I also love it as a classroom Halloween decoration to get a laugh out of the kids. Stick those legs under the corner of a desk or underneath a classroom door, and you'll lighten up Halloween week for sure. Try them, too, at your office as a simple and quick Halloween decoration that everyone will enjoy. It's great for those too busy to totally decorate their spaces, but still want to celebrate the fun of the season. 

Witch Restroom Door Cover

Spooky toilet humor always works.

Witch Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)
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(price as of May 27, 2013)

Witch Restroom Door CoverCredit: Amazon.comIf you're having a Halloween party, this is a terrific Halloween backdrop that fits quite nicely over your restroom door. Yes, witches have bodily needs too, as you can see! It's Halloween toilet humor here, down to the book reading and a little Justin Timberlake humor in the undies. Look closely--they say "Bringin' SPOOKY back." That's a nice touch to get a giggle out of the kids and young adults around. 

It's printed on a plastic material, so this backdrop will also work outdoors. But really you know where true home is...

Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Witch Wall Clings

Spooky silhouettes that'll work with many styles.

Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Witch Wall Cling
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(price as of May 27, 2013)

Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Witch Wall ClinGCredit: Amazon.comIf you want some witch decorations, but you are concerned about messing up your home's overall style, then silhouettes are a smart choice. The black design goes with nearly any type of decor: modern homes, classically-styled homes, and everything in between. 

This set of Martha Stewart wall clings is totally ready for Halloween duty. It's a great witch silhouette with the pointy nose and chin and the creepy witch's hat. And then there's the other spooky stickers surrounding it. The black cat and bats give the whole thing a fun Halloween design.

Wall clings (or wall stickers) are totally safe for your walls by the way. They'll peel right off at the end of the season, and your walls will never be the wiser. That's an excellent Halloween decorating solution for those wanting to work around current decor. 

Witch on Bicycle Garden Spinner

Witches love bikes.

Witch on Bicycle Garden Spinner
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(price as of May 27, 2013)

Witch on Bicycle Garden SpinnerCredit: Amazon.comIt always seems to come back to Wizard of Oz doesn't it? Like Miss Gulch on the bicycle in the tornado scene turning into the Wicked Witch of the East. A classic moment if ever there was one. And here you've got an outdoor garden spinner that celebrates this combo. You've got the evil witch with a black cat in a basket peddling away. The wheels of this spinner turn with just a light breeze. It looks great (obviously) in a garden, but it can be placed in any front yard or entryway with enough grass to stake the spinner in. 

It's not small, by the way, 30 inches across and 42 inches tall, so consider that when you are thinking about placement. 

Get Your Witch On

Few characters are as meant for the Halloween season as witches, so you'd be silly not to include some in your decor. Halloween witch decorations can be fun and spooky all in one, and that's perfect for kids and very appreciated by adults too. Get some into the mix, and you'll have the perfect brew for your Halloween themed home!