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A hello kitty necklace may be a perfect gift for the little girl in your life. This article will provide an introduction of the Hello Kitty character and then move on to discuss the wide variety of hello kitty necklaces that are available today. The wide range is amazing and it may surprise you to learn that a cartoon character necklace can be sold for thousands of dollars!

Hello Kitty is a character developed by the Japanese company Sanrio. She has been around for roughly 35 years. As her name suggests she is a cat. In Japan the Hello Kitty character is very popular and is well known for a wide variety of Hello Kitty merchandise. The picture on the right shows the cute little Hello Kitty cat.

There are estimates that put the Hello Kitty merchandise sold each year at worth over one billion dollars. This is a huge figure that a wide variety of manufacturers are involved with. The wide array of products that are sold is staggering. Now a days there are things such as hello kitty stationary, hello kitty bags, hello kitty kitchenware, hello kitty baby clothing, hello kitty bed linen and hello kitty jewelry including hello kitty diamond necklaces and hello kitty rings.

Hello Kitty is a cute white cat without a mouth. This is apparently because she speaks from her heart! This kind of cute cartoon character is easy to fall in love with and this is exactly what seems to have happened to many little girls, regardless of their age, in the world today. From her creation in 1974 she has become very popular, initially in Japan but now has world wide fame. It was in the year after her creation that the first Hello Kitty products began appearing. Initially it was hello kitty purses that came on to the market. At this time it was impossible to buy hello kitty pendants.

Over time the Hello Kitty character has been developed by appearing in different poses and having new characters introduced into her world. In the cartoons that were made she lived with her family (mother, father and twin sister). Other characters that she has been seen with include her grandparents. As the years went by, more and more Hello Kitty products were released. She has appeared in movies, TV cartoons and video games as well as on the many different gift items being sold today.

Perhaps one of the most startling things about the growth of Hello Kitty and the number of her fans is that she was made a UNICEF Special Friend of Children by the United Nations. This is an interesting juxtaposition. The character is basically the face of a billion dollar industry but is also a good will ambassador for the United Nations. Perhaps it is simply her popularity amongst children that won her the honor. After being granted this position perhaps it became easier for producers of Hello Kitty gifts and merchandise to cash in on her even greater popularity. People buying hello kitty goods may even feel they are supporting children world wide by doing so. The company that owns the rights to Hello Kitty make well donate to UNICEF out of the profits they make from the sale of her goods so perhaps everyone wins. Customers are able to choose from a wide range of goods including jewelry, chains, pendants, rings and so on; Sanrio are able to make a substantial amount of money; and the U.N. may receive some decent donations not only from Sanrio but also from individuals who love the Hello Kitty character.

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Now I shall discuss the many different hello kitty jewelry products available today. These range from cheap hello kitty necklaces that can be purchased for under $5 up to specialist items that cost as much as $30,000. I was shocked when I discovered the most expensive hello kitty diamond and pink sapphire pendant cost a five figure sum. Obviously this is in a completely different league to the cheap hello kitty necklaces that are made from plastic. Other expensive items are made from silver and gold. There are also things like a Hello Kitty Large Diamond Pendant Necklace. The idea of producing a gold hello kitty chain may seem strange but is actually very interesting. As Hello Kitty is now over 35 years old, there will be a huge number of fans that were in to her as children but have now grown up. These same fans may now be in a position to afford some expensive jewelry and therefore making a diamond hello kitty necklace may not be as outlandish as people may first think. There are also many different hello kitty charms that can be purchased and put on to any chain you choose. The cheaper items may be considered tacky by some however these are often designed as collectors' items. Some are made of plastic on a metal chain while others are made from inexpensive metals. Buying an expensive hello kitty necklace may be a major financial decision but picking up one of the cheaper items will in many cases cost less than purchasing a pencil case or other such stationary item. Merchandising is such an amazing field. Hello Kitty could literally have simply been a cartoon character that we watched on our TVs and then forgot about. Instead, the Hello Kitty brand has been transformed into a huge industry that caters to the wants and needs of the many fans throughout the world. Hello Kitty necklaces and other jewelry items are just an extension of this franchise. I do not think I would ever buy one of the more expensive items for a loved one. This is probably because I do not think I would want to be in a relationship with someone who was into such cute things as wearing a hello kitty diamond necklace. While they certainly are expensive I am more in favor of an understated elegance. For people interested in the cartoon character, there will be a piece of hello kitty jewelry to suit any budget.