Heroin addiction

I wonder how many people out there with a heroin addiction wish that they had never tried or even heard of heroin for that matter. I would be willing to bet most of them. I know that I was like that for a while until I came to grips with my addiction. Heroin is one of the most debilitating and insidious drugs that I have ever seen. Its euphoric effects are very devastating to many people who are experimenting or trying to have fun.

Some people claim to have liked it so much the first time they tried it that they never stopped using heroin until they ran out or went to rehab to be treated for heroin addiction. This is a shame but it is one of the consequences for abusing this drug.

This drug was invented in the late 1800's and is derived from the opium poppy. At the time of its mass production it was said to be a non addicting replacement for the most popular drug of that time which was morphine. Little did they know of the devastating heroin addiction it would cause in the individuals who used it? They even came up the syringe so it could reach the brain faster. I would be willing to bet that most of the people who used heroin in this fashion were addicted to the heroin drug.

At this time in history they did not have the high class heroin addiction treatment centers where we go into rehab for a few days to kick heroin. These unfortunate individuals or addicts were simply chucked in an asylum and for the most part forgotten about. We have come a long way since then as far as treating all kinds of addictions to various drugs. This should not give us the license to use drugs; however I am sure a lot of people think it does. I know that I was that way myself until I had enough beat downs from using drugs.

I am fond of saying it takes what it takes for an addict to want to stop using and find a new way to live and trust me this does not happen overnight. Some people including myself will have to endure the misery of heroin withdrawal time after time until they finally surrender on a deeper level then recovery is possible.

If you have reached this point I would suggest that you find some type of heroin rehab to enter. There you can be have a medical heroin detox. If you do go you can expect to be looked after by people who have been trained for this. They will administer prescription medications to help ease the nasty withdrawal symptoms. This kind of detox usually takes up to 5 days. I would continue my recovery in residential treatment when finished with my detox.

Good luck