Should I Buy a HF3470 or HF3510?

Are you interested in getting a Phillips 'wake-up' light alarm, however are unsure on which model to get -- specifically the HF3470 or the HF3510 -- and what the differences & variations there are between them? If so, this comparison guide will be able to help you out. Comparing & contrasting both their specifications, benefits and general features -- basically providing you with a general overview of each and from that determining which model best suits your specific needs & preferences.  

Benefits of the HF3470 & HF3510

As you might already know, these 'alarms' are unique in that they these type of 'alarm lamps' act to replicate a sun-rise (from soft reds through to vibrant orange and finally bold yellows) within a set period before your wake up time (an alarm noise that a isn't 'ringing' but instead calm nature sounds e.g. birds chirping, wind chimes etc.). This in turn has been independently clinically proven to increase alertness & energy levels as soon as you wake up and through out the day. Where these products have officially certified themselves with the National Sleep Foundation & multiple owners.

The HF3470

Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light, White
Amazon Price: $99.99 $89.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 3, 2013)

HF3510Credit: & Phillips.comAlso, with the HF3510 due to its additional feature -- the 'Bedside Lamp Dimming Effect' -- which basically replicates 'sun-setting' i.e a dusk effect before you go to sleep (along with replacing the need for a bedside lamp) which allows you to get to sleep a lot easier & faster too as well as generally improving the quality of sleep you get (when compared with not having one). Which on a personal level, as I struggle with getting to sleep in general has worked great so far.

The HF3510

Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light, White
Amazon Price: $139.99 $95.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 3, 2013)


The 'Features Difference Between the HF3470 and HF3510

Firstly, lets clarify the points that are the same and are shared between the HF3470 & HF3510 -- they both operate with an FM radio (which can either be used just normally, like you would an actual radio or as your 'alarm noise instead of natural sound) as well as utilising a set of 20 dimmer settings (which is the various light intensity levels that alter to replicate the sun-rising & setting motion). 

The differences come in the fact that the HF3510 is essentially an upgrade to the HF3470 -- so basically are just improvements and 'added' features. As mentioned, already the HF3510 can help you get to sleep naturally through having the 'dusk' feature -- but there are range of additional aspects too. For instance, you can alter the period setting of 'light intensity' to your set 'wake up' time from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, whereas the HF3470 is fixed at 30 minutes -- so you have greater room for experimentation to get the most optimal results.

Furthermore, you are provided with an additional natural sound option (three compared to two) for you to wake up with as well (I believe it is the jungle sound) as well as an integrated 'Easy-to-Use' Snooze feature -- whereby you can simply touch anywhere on the lamp and it acts to allow you an extra 9 minutes sleep before the alarm noise goes off again.

Obviously, the design is rather different too (check below for specific dimensions), but I feel the HF3510 just is more appealing -- being a bit sleeker and just more modern (although the HF3470 isn't exactly terrible to look at by any means, a subjective matter really). Also, the 'touch control' user interface is easier and simpler to navigate (with additional buttons around the rim) than with the HF3470. There are a few little clever extra features too -- like the dimming clock face when lights go out etc. accommodating for those who want pretty much complete darkness for when they are about to go to sleep.

Specifications & Details

HF3470 - Dimensions: Height: 25.2 x Diameter: 17 cm | Cord: 200 cm | Weight: 1.45 kg | Light Intensity: 250 Lux

HF3510 - Dimensions: Height: 19.2 x Diameter: 19.9 x Depth: 14.6 cm | Cord: 150cm | Weight: 0.813 kg | Light Intensity: 300 Lux

Further Information

The lamp for the HF3470 uses a Phillips Halogen Lamp 100W, 12V and the HF3510 is installed with a lumilled luxeon rebel type lamp -- both are meant to last for more than 4000 hours (about 20 years worth).

Both the wake-up light models are backed by a 24 months warranty (which is double what other competing brands offer) on parts & labour costs. 

And of course they are safe to use and UV free (as certified).

Conclusion: Which Wake-Up Light Should I Buy?

When compared to a standard alarm clock, they are pretty expensive but the benefits that they offer -- better sleep, which in turn means more energy, better productivity etc. & just generally feeling a lot better (priceless qualities) -- they offer incredible value & genuinely awesome inventions that have been well made and cleverly thought out (so you honestly can't go wrong with either one really). Which one to choose out the two, though? I would put it down simply to, "do you find getting to sleep hard?" if yes, then go with the upgrade, if not you will save a bit of money on with getting the HF3470 & won't really be missing out.

But do let me know which model you choose to buy and why? Also, if you have any comments, queries or concerns regarding either the comparison of - the HF3470 and HF3510 or about either model specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.