Should I Buy a HF3510 or HF3520?

Are you interested in getting yourself a Philips Wake-Up light, however aren't sure as to which model to go for -- specifically the HF3510 or the HF3520 -- and are after a bit more clarification as to what the differences are between them? Then this brief & objective comparison guide will be able to help you out, through providing a general overview of each model whilst contrasting them against each other -- so you know precisely what each offers you & from that you can make a well informed decision as to which provides the best value respective to its price tag.

Benefits of the HF3510 and HF3520

These 'alarm lamps' are pretty much revolutionizing the way we get up in a morning -- where they have been independently clinically proven in numerous studies (along with being officially backed by the National Sleep Foundation along with thousands of users) to make it a lot 'easier' to get out of bed, improve sleep quality as well as increase alertness and energy levels for throughout the day (pretty awesome!). 

The HF3510

HF3510Credit: & Phillips.comYou probably already know that they work through mimicking a sun-rise through a range of 20 light intensity settings, specifically from a hazy red to eventually bold yellows, within a specific time period of the 'natural' alarm noise time you have set (which also gradually builds up within 90 seconds -- noises include wind chimes, birds tweeting etc.). This allows you to awaken gradually and calmly compared to the traditional method of sending your body into shock & stress mode with a jarring alarm clock (thinking about it, this traditional method of 'getting ready for the day' it is obviously a rather stupid not a great way to start the day). With the HF3510 & HF3520 you can also simulate a sun-set too (i.e dusk), making it easier & quicker for to get to sleep too.

The HF3520

The Differences Between the HF3510 and HF3520

The HF3510 & HF3520 model actually share a lot in common -- obviously such as its sleek & modern looking design that has been well crafted with clever features such as its touch-user interface for you to select specific settings (with additional buttons round its rim) along with the 'auto-dimming' clock-face (where when there is no light, the clock automatically dims & when there is sufficient light in the room it gets brighter, very clever -- see video below). 

They also both have a built in FM radio for you to either use casually or as your actual alarm noise (as said which will gradually get louder and louder within a 90 second period, to wake you up). Also, they have a clever 'Easy-to-Use' snooze system installed where you literally just to have to hit anywhere on the lamp and you will get an extra 9 minutes sleep. Each model also obviously has the dawn and dusk simulation (some models don't come with the latter, for helping you get to sleep) integrated too.

Really, the only main differences comes in the fact that the HF3520 has an additional 2 natural sounds to wake up to (so five altogether for the HF3520 and three for the HF3510) as well as you being able to adjust the period of time (from 20 to 40 minutes) which the light intensity levels take place, giving you room to experiment as to which works best & is most optimal for you (whereas with the HF3510, it is just fixed at 30 minutes).

Specifications & Details

HF3510 - Dimensions: Height: 19.2 x Diameter: 19.9 x Depth: 14.6 cm | Cord: 150cm | Weight: 0.813 kg | Light Intensity: up to 300 Lux

HF3520 - Dimensions: Height: 19.2 x Diameter: 19.9 x Depth: 14.6 cm | Cord: 150 cm | Weight 1.11 kg | Light Intensity: up to 300 Lux

Further Information

They have the same type of bulb fitted a Philips lumilled Luxeon rebel type which has been specifically designed to be 'long-lasting' (approximately 20 years of use, around 4,000 + hours of constant use), so you won't obviously have to go out to keep replacing these.

When purchased new, they are immediately backed by a industry leading  24 month period that covers both parts and labour (Philips are by the far best brand in terms of quality & durability for these 'wake-up light- based products, I personally wouldn't even consider anything else).

They are of course certified as very safe to use and are UV (ultra-violet) free.

Conclusion: Which Wake-UP Light Should I Buy -- the HF3510 or HF3520?

As you can see the HF3520 is a slight upgrade to the HF3510, however there is marginal difference between the models really (unless you are keen to experiment, I would be personally, go for the HF3520 -- if not you won't be missing out on anything by opting for the HF3510). Although, they are more expensive than your traditional digital alarm clock, the benefits they offer (e.g. more energy, better sleep quality etc. which are all pretty much priceless qualities in life) far out weigh those types and are in all very crafted. A really awesome invention.

Also, be sure to let me know which version you opt for and why? Moreover, if you have any questions, remarks or concerns regarding either the comparison overview of the HF3510 Vs HF3520 or about any of the models specifically then please be sure to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible.

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