Monde Nissin is a big corporation in the Philippines, their product include biscuits, instant noodles, and other foods. I just have one thing i do not like about their product "Lucky Me instant noodles", it is improper labeling. They recently promoted this product as NAPA (No Artificial Products Added), and they thought that this would increase their sales and promote their company as one that cares for the health of the Filipino consumers. But I am not someone who is easily fooled, at first I was a believer of their NAPA campaign, that they are really concerned about consumer health. However I noticed that their food label (nutrition facts)
on the product did not contain SODIUM CONTENT, but if you look at the ingredients you would see MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE in there, meaning they are not fully decalring the content of their product. They are not informing the public of what they are consuming. Is this because there is too much sodium in the product that declaring the true content would expose its destructive nature to consumer health and affect its sales? Maybe. So what's the big deal with too much sodium in foods. Sodium is naturally occurring in our daily foods, it mainly comes from salt. Too much salt in our diet is a real health risk as it contributes in the development of hypertension. So by misinforming the public about the sodium content on the product, they are actually causing health risk to the consumers. I am not trying to destroy the reputation of the Monde Nissin company, I just want to inform the Filipino consumers that they should be more aware of what they are buying, and not be victims of false campaigns and misinformation. I will be posting additional information about these things. :)