If you are considering getting a dog and want one that has lots of energy to keep up with you, try some of these dog options. Whether or not you are a jogger or have a child who has lots of excess energy and needs a playmate that has the same. The dog breeds below are practically bursting at the seams with energy and love to play and run.

A word of warning about energetic dogs, never leave them alone in your house. Until properly trained, energetic dogs can get bored and be very destructive to your house. Be sure if you do leave them alone, leave them lots of bones to chew and lots of toys to play with. They will need something to entertain them while you are gone.

border collie(122057)

Border Collie

Border Collies are excellent high energy dogs. They were bred to herd sheep so they love to run and herd. They love to herd so much that you may even notice they are trying to herd you outside to play with them or to their bowl to feed them.

Border collies are majorly sweet dogs, they love to be petted for long hours are a day of playing. they are also explicitly smart dogs. They are very easy to train and learns tricks very quickly. you should reconsider getting a border collie if you do not have a large area for them to run around in. They love to run around free, but can stand going for a jog with you. They also have great endurance making them a good long range jog partner or hiking partner.

When owning a border collie make sure it knows who is the boss. The border collie is kind of strange because it likes to dominate a weak willed owner. They know just the right look to give you to get food are be petted.

jack russel terrier

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack russel terriers are the definition of energy. When people think of energetic dogs they think of this breed. This breed is tricky however. Jack russel terriers can be little terrors if not trained properly. Make sure you have the time to train this little fuzz ball before you become all about playing ball with it and going on walks.

The jack russel terrier was bred in the 1800's to be a fox hunting dog. they became prized because they could hunt for longer periods of time and dig out foxes from their dens. This breeding still holds true toady, jack russel terriers still love to dig. Which is why simply fencing in a yard will no do. If they cannot dig under it, make sure they can also not jump over it. These dogs can jump incredibly high.

Does this dog seem too much work for you? It is, but it is worth it. The jack russel is good at all sorts of games. Everything from fetch to frisbee to tug of war. They love all those games. They especially love when you throw a ball so they can jump up and catch it in their mouths.

australian shepard

The Australian Shepherd

The australian shepard is a lot like the border collie, they were born herders and that instinct still reigns supreme. They are sweet little does, but much furrier than the border collie. these dogs love to play and never out grow their puppy 'I want to play' phase. However, these dogs are happiest when they have a job to do. If you do not have anything for them to herd be sure to give them plenty of toys to occupy their time. Do note that small children count as something to herd, they are very good dogs with kids.

Funny enough, the australian shepard is not Australian at all. They originated in the Basque region between Spain and French to herd sheep. A lot of the herders in that area were Australian so that is how the shepard got its name.

These dogs also come with top notch guarding instincts. they will bark at stranger even after they have left and after you have let them out, they will patrol a few laps just to make sure everything is safe. These are great patrol dogs, except to never see possums of raccoons in your yard again.

siberian husky(122060)

Siberian Husky

It is not hard to imagine that a siberian husky is a high energy dog. These dogs are trained to race hundreds of miles while pulling a sleigh. While they are gifted endurance runners, they also enjoy less active games. They enjoy a good tug of war or a game of fetch. Not every activity has to be pulling a sled hundred of miles.

The husky can be kind of a trouble maker. When it gets bored it can often be destructive to your house, this also happens if you leave it for too long. Huskies love spending time with people. They are great dogs to have when guests come over, the are nice, quiet, and do not get possessive over their house. Because they are so good with people, they make terrible guard dogs, they just love people too much.

Huskies are also good with other dogs, they love to play with them. Though most other dogs do not like to play. So if you cannot keep up with your husky, try getting your husky a husky playmate.

Huskies are used to cold weather, so if you have a warm season, make sure you turn the air conditioning on for them. If they get too hot, they can be prone to heat stroke.

great pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Larger dogs tend to have less energy to exert because of their big bodies. The great pyrenees is one of those dog, however they still have a whole bunch of energy to give. This dog is for people who want a big playful dog. Great pyrenees are mountain dogs, they love cold climates and love to run.

The great pyrenees were bred in 1800 BC for guarding sheep. They are big and intimidating so they made excellent dogs to scare off the wolves. Coming from these origins, the great pyrenees have a serious side. They make excellent guard dogs not only because of their size but because they patrol diligently.

A great pyrenees is not all serious and guarding. The love to play ball or tug of war, but be warned, they slobber. Great pyrenees slobber a lot. So you may get a little messy playing with them.