Why Buy 2012 Honda City Over Others?

New City Sedan

I plan to write here about what convinced me to go for Honda City new model 2012 as my first ride. Being an Indian I had to get grilled from left, right and centre before buying my dream car. Why do I say being an Indian here? That is because of few reasons. Firstly, we do not like investing in lavish things, especially when we don't have a lavish pay cheque coming our way every month. Secondly, we have a prejudice that the first car we buy will be small hatchback and not a sedan and finally the ever rising petrol prices. Somehow, I sneaked my way out of all these and managed to buy a new 2012 City M VT and I am loving it for every reason possible.

honda city outlook

Buying Honda City in India

Let us get started with why I chose City sedan over so many other worthy contemporaries. 

Indian auto market is filled with compact sedans and surprisingly most of them are value for money. Reason? The country has the wide range of buyers and there are multiple sub sections in what we call as middle class section of people.

Picture this! A major section of middle class can not think beyond fuel economy but still wants to own a sedan. Likes of Toyota Etios and Maruti Suzuki Dzire give them what they want. Then there are people who want fuel economy as well as little of what you call sedan class comfort. The answer is in the form of either Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento or the brand new Nissan Sunny.

Finally comes a section that is ready to put in a good amount of money for a new compact luxury sedan (but obviously can not afford the likes of Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla etc). This final sub section is ready to invest around Rs 10 Lakhs. So what are the worthy options in front of them? Well there is Hyundai Verna Fluidic, new Ford Fiesta and our own Honda City new model 2012.

The Major Competitors

Now it gets down to what the perks are in each of these three fierce competitors. While all three of them are similarly priced, there are real differences in terms of design and performance. 

Verna Fluidic comes with a distinct outlook, which is quite attractive to others but it is that much awkward to rest of them. Performance is commendable and it accelerates like anything, plus it boasts of the most stylish cabin in the class. 

The New Fiesta sedan on the other hand seems to have drawn a lot of styling inspirations from Verna but it also comes with some modern features like voice command system, which is first in class; not to mention gear changing experience in this one is as smooth as it gets.

2012 honda city interior

After driving all this I took the test drive of new Honda City and that was it. I decided to go for it without any second thoughts. Was it pre decided or something? Hell yeah, it was. I always knew what I wanted. I took test drive of others just to check what they had to offer but I always knew they won't come close to City any day.

Changes for 2012

For 2012 the vehicle did not receive any major mechanical changes but there are some exciting cosmetic upgrades like the new turn light indicator, 10 spoke alloys etc. The top end variants also come with sunroof, which is first in class. Then there is stability control making its way for 2012 (which of course is not much of a use especially within an Indian city limits). A good driver with good driving sense and ethics can tap around 11 km/ litre on city roads, which can go up to 14 km/ litre on freeways. The best part about this vehicle is its quiet cabin, which is something that you would only see in the likes of up class Mercedes and BMW sedans.

honda city new model 2012

Today I am a proud owner of Honda City new model 2012 and would recommend it to everyone who wants the perfect mix of unparalleled performance and top class luxury. The best part is that Honda Siel is actually planning to roll out a new diesel variant of City in the country very soon. So those who have stopped themselves from going for anew City can actually wait for this diesel variant.