So you had a blast at your friend‘s party and now you are thinking of throwing your own. This can be a bit overwhelming due to the fact that you want everything to be perfect, but you don’t have that much money, and you want your party to be better than your friend‘s. Well not to worry, here are some house party ideas that will ensure your guests are having a good time while you remain within your budget.

Getting The Message Out

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Before you focus on the invitations, construct a list of everyone you want at your party. This will ensure you don’t forget anyone. In addition, this will alert you to how many invitations, and how much food, and drinks, you will need. You don’t need to be fancy with invitations as your main focus is to get the word out about your gathering. Some people send out amazing invitations to their guests but fall short on delivering an amazing party. With simple invitations, you will impress your guests when they arrive at your party. Instead of buying invitations and mailing them, sending electronic invites will save you some money on stamps. There are many websites that provide great free templates for digital invitations; all you will have to do is fill in the necessary information, and you are ready to go. Some websites will provide you with extra features like allowing your guests to RSVP digitally, and deciding how many people your guests can bring. Remember to add some creative wording to your invitations. This will make your invitations stand out more, and plus you can show off your creativity.

Feed Them
Making a list in advance of foods you want at your party will keep you organized. For affairs where your guests are mingling and dancing, finger foods will do well. These delicious mini bites work best in this situation because most of the time they allow your guests to hold their drink in one hand, and enjoy a tasty treat with the other hand. Devil eggs, cocktail shrimps, pastries, buffalo wings, little sandwiches, and quesadillas are just a few examples of mini foods that can feed your guests. Ordering a pizza a few hours before party time, then cutting it up into little pieces is a great trick for additional finger foods. Placing a few meatballs with spaghetti sauce in little plastic bowls can also work well. When serving this treat, each guest will get their own plastic bowl and fork to enjoy their meatballs. Do not forget to buy a few serving trays to place your mini bites on. To add more flair to your party, ask a few family members, or close friends, to act as servers and walk among your guests periodically with the trays. This will add a classier element to your party, and your guests will fancy the idea of having the foods brought to them.

Drink Order
If you have a home bar, ask a close friend, or family member, to act as bartender for the evening. Your guests will be impressed with the thought of someone mixing drinks, or pouring wine, for them, and it will also give your party an extra boost. Don’t have a home bar? Well placing a table with drinks, cups, and ice in a designated area will work just as well, and yes you can still ask someone to be your bartender. Remember to decorate your makeshift bar to create a flashy look. The person you choose to be your bartender should know a few things about mixing drinks, and opening wine, or beer, bottles. If there is no one with a background in mixing drinks, you can simply do some research on how to make certain drinks, and write down the instructions. Placing the instructions at the bar will assist your novice mixer in providing quality mixed drinks.


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A party can really lose pizzazz if the atmosphere is not right. Get some Christmas lights and hang them around the area your event will take place in. These lights will get your guests into the mood to boogie and mingle. Balloons will always be inexpensive, and colorful, objects you can use to decorate your space. In some cases, adding some helium to them, and tying sets of four to points around the area is all you need to give your party space an interesting look. However, if you wish to include more decorations, cutting up strips of colorful paper, and stapling them together to make long chains of loops will work well for streamers that you can hang around the area. For another option, cut big triangles out of colorful papers, and tape them on a piece of string or rope. Hanging them from one corner of the room to the another will give you a great line of party flags. Cheap Chinese lanterns are also nice for decorations. You can find them in many different colors at most discount party supply stores. When decorating your space be sure not to add to many items because you do not want your guests to be overwhelmed by your atmosphere.

During your party you never want to be searching for music. Therefore, planning out selections a few days in advance will keep things moving smoothly. Burning a few mixed CDs will work great because you can combine music from many different CDs on to a few. Be sure the tempo of your music raises as the party goes on; everyone will be settled in and having fun, so you would not want slow tempo music to kill the excitement. You can also ask a close friend, or family member, to be your DJ. This person will be in charge of selecting the CDs to play, adjusting the music volume, and dealing with everything music wise so you will be free to focus on your hosting duties.

A Little Party Entertainment

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Before your guests arrive, write numbers that correspond with the number of invited guest on two pieces of paper, and cut them out. Place one set of these numbers in a paper bag labeled “guest” and the other in a paper bag labeled “host”. As your guests arrive kindly ask them to pick a number from the bag labeled “guest”, and tell them to hold on to it. Later on during the party, inform your guests that it is time for the giveaway, and all those who drew numbers are eligible for prizes. You will then draw one or two numbers at random from the paper bag labeled “host”. The people with the winning corresponding numbers receive prizes. A box of chocolates, a cheap massage set, a Subway gift card, all of these can be considered excellent giveaway prizes. If you received a gift in the past, and have no intentions on using it, this would also be a perfect prize, as someone else may appreciate what you rejected.

These house party ideas are sure to help you impress your guests, and keep the party rocking without breaking your budget. Enjoy your party, and be safe.