Are you a beginning bowler, nervous to go out with friends when they go bowling solely because you do not know how to bowl? Do you become anxious or uneasy because you have no idea what the correct bowling stance is, what the correct bowling lingo is, or how the score even works?

Pyramid Path Blue, Black and WhiteHave you ever found yourself in a position where you are asked on a date to go bowling, but you have no idea how to bowl? If so - the tips provided below will hopefully shine some light on the situation.

If you are struggling with learning how to bowl, I assure you it is not as difficult as it may look, especially if you are watching professionals.  If you are unsure how to bowl and would like to learn, I will provide you with tips that will teach you how to play your best game ever. In order to play a great game your most important factors are having a comfortable ball, a good stance, your approach, release, and delivery.

A typical bowling alley is sixty (60) feet long, from the beginning to the pins at the end. Your specific bowling style depends on how you should release the ball and with what amount of force you want to use. You may want to throw with a curve or hook ball. You may want to become straight shooter and throw the ball right down the middle.

Clear Eye Ball Bowling BallUse the arrows and the dots on the lanes to guide you as you are playing, this will help you hit the pins that you need to knock down. Hitting the lead pin or head pin is the most effective way to score a strike, which by definition means you knock all the pins down at once.

After you find a ball that suits you and you know your correct stance, before you throw the ball, your next approach would be how many steps you want to take before you release the ball. However many steps you take and how fast you take them is up to you, the same goes for your stance and delivery, you just want to make sure your delivery is smooth and not rough. Just remember the main goal is to knock out as many pins as possible, not to deliver a prima ballerina performance on the floor.

You will be rolling every frame, twice each time it is your turn (assuming you don't roll a strike), and a perfect game would be a score of 300. Practice a few times before you go out with friends if you are extremely worried about not doing well, because we all know that practice makes perfect.

Try your best to concentrate on the ball and the lane, tune out all background noises and sounds around you, so you can play at your full potential. A positive attitude is always best, encouraging reinforcement helps you perfect your game and make you more comfortable while playing. I hope that the advice provided will help you on your quest to learn how to bowl! Best of luck!