In order to be truly successful in life, you have to master all areas of life. In my definition, people are only truly successful in life if they have success in multiple endeavors. What I mean with this, is that people who are filthy rich, but have to work 16 hours a day to achieve this, are not truly successful. Or someone that has the most beautiful body, but doesn’t know the answer to a math problem like 6 times 8.  The purpose of this article therefore is to describe the most crucial areas of success and maybe even more important: How you can achieve that success.

Fitness and Health

Personally I think that this is the most important part of success. If you are constantly sick and you always feel tired, all other success doesn’t really matter anymore. You have to live a healthy lifestyle. This means no junk food and be sure to regularly exercise at the gym.

Financial success

Be sure to save money. Don’t spend all the money you earn. People that are smart, save money and invest it in assets or themselves. Spend it on educating yourself rather than on beer or candy. One of the easiest ways to create financial abundance for your self is by starting an internet business. This is very easy and requires little investment.


Read dating books. Be sure to go out a lot and learn to become a better conversationalist. The more social and outgoing you are, the greater the likelihood of finding an ideal partner. People who are socially inept and not so outgoing are much less successful in love.


Many people think that you have to be born with good brains in order to succeed at university. This is not entirely true. Much can be done with proper nutrition and accelerated learning techniques. I would recommend buying a book about accelerated learning. Put the techniques you learn in this book to practice. It has helped me personally to succeed in my first year of Business Administration, cum laude.


You should have some leisure too. People that work 16 hours a day aren’t really happy in general, unless they do what they truly love. You must also have some time for yourself where you can relax and recharge for the next day or week full of work. You cannot be involved in the process of self-development 24/7; sometimes you just have to rest.


In order to be truly successful, you will have to allocate your time to the areas described in this article. However, sometimes you have to focus on one area for a longer period of time, for example when you have to study for exams (education), or when you have to start up a business (Financial success).  However, in the end, always try to find a balance between these areas of life in order to be truly happy and successful.