Do you remember that one split second that you close your eyes, plant your foot and feel the soft glide as you let the ball escape your hand? Your eyes firmly closed, you heighten your sense of hearing, blocking out everything else around you except for that one sweet sound you want to hear. You anticipate the sound of your bowling ball hitting those pins, it seems like forever, and then finally – victory. Just by the sound you can tell you just bowled a strike!

Learn How to Improve Your Bowling Game

If you are interested in learning how to bowl better there are a few things that matter.

Brunswick Slingshot Bowling Package- Black and Silver1. Grab the Ball Itself

While it may seem like this does not even deserve to be mentioned, it is important that you get the ball that is right for you. To find the perfect weight, especially if you are playing with bowling alley balls do not just settle for the first one you find.

2. Get Ready to Bowl Mentally

If you want to do your best you are going to have be ready to bowl. While it is fun to talk to friends or flirt with the person in the lane next to you, if you want to do your best you are going to have to be focused on the task at hand.

3. Get Ready to Bowl Physically

Anticipate what you are going to do, make sure you loosen up your arms a bit; perhaps you want to do a little stretching before you throw simply to get ready. There is nothing worse than a sudden injury when you are on a hot streak.

4. Identify Where You Want To Hit the Pins

It is much easier to actually hit the target if you identify the target before you ever begin. Most people want to aim just slightly left or right ahead of the lead pin to get the best results.

Plasma Bowling Ball5. Push the Ball Out

This is the beginning, you are going to want to push the ball out and let gravity start taking over with your next move.

6. Let Gravity Do the Work, Let the Ball Swing Back

You do not need to have a great deal of strength to move the ball backwards, instead just let the ball swing back and let gravity do its thing. The only thing you are doing is guiding that force.

7. Let the Ball Swing Forward and Move Towards the Pins

What goes down in a swinging motion is eventually going to come back up, while some people use a jerky motion to get the ball back forward, instead just let nature take over and just control your ball.

Bowling For Dummies (For Dummies (Sports & Hobbies)) [Paperback]8. Release the Ball

The lower your release point the better, it allows for more accuracy on your throw and the bowling alley will probably be grateful as well.

9. Evaluate How You Did

Sometimes it is hard to be honest with how you played, if you are not having a good game it might be easy to simply dismiss it as an off-day rather than a flawed throwing mechanic. If you are not entirely sure, ask someone with more experience to evaluate your performance and see if they have suggestions.