Yard sales and eBay have been used in the past to make a profit but many people are not only making a profit but making a living from this method. Most people have yard sales because they are selling stuff they no longer need, which leaves room for profit. Ebay can be very profitable, especially if you learn the most profitable techniques of using yard sales as a method of buying and eBay as a method of selling.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Know your bankroll. The amount of money you have to spare is known as your "bank roll" and this is the most important factor that you have to consider initially. If you have a smaller amount of money, you should focus on buying less expensive items.

Step 2

Consider the type of item. Only you can choose the type of items you want to focus on, but you should take many things into consideration. You should focus on an item with a high initial price but a low re-sell value. This will help you buy for less and sell for more. People will be going to big retailers and looking for baby cribs when you have them for 40% less the entire time. When they finally discover your cribs are less, they will be rushing into they're wallets. When you are buying the item from a yard sell, you will be able to get the item for less because the person cannot reuse this item for other purposes.

Step 3

Buy stuff that can be fixed. You always want to buy items that can be cleaned up and sold for a profit. This method is known as "flipping" an item. This is when you buy something old and spend time making it look new again. You can do this with furniture or antiques. This method of selling on eBay can be very profitable if you are good at restoring items.

Step 4

Become a eBay power-seller. Ebay power-sellers have many "extras" that the traditional eBay member doesn't have. Ebay will also deduct your membership fee every month, which helps the cost of business. They also offer you an option called listing priority, where you're auction listing is top on the list. There are many other benefits to becoming a power-seller but you will have to maintain a high customer satisfaction rate.

Step 5

Get a customer base built up. Yard sales are an equal part of the equation and should be taken seriously. The reason I choose yard sales is because of the high profitability involved. The more you get to know people who do yard sales, the more of a customer base you can build up. The reason you need a customer base, is so you can identify the most profitable yard sales and continue visiting.


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