Diet Help For A Healthy Life

How to Diet

I don’t have an extensive educated background, but I’m not an idiot either and I don’t think that I would be crazy in saying - neither are you. The arduous tenacity that health and fitness companies put into deceiving us is extremely insulting to our intelligence.   

 Each year multiple ideas of what will work in helping us lose weight fast, is tossed around the radio dial, internet, and television about as often as Nicolas Cage makes movies. Every diet out there tells you to cut your calories, exercise more, and use their product and you will lose weight. I am sure if I am eating the correct number of calories with exercise I will lose weight without your stupid product or idea of a diet.  

Just take a step back and look at some of the diets that are thrown at us… 

  • Five Bite Diets – just five bites of anything you want 1-2 times a day. Drink anything with 0 calories
  • HCG Diet – just 500 calories a day and take drops of a special formula.
  • Liquid or Juice Diet – Eating no solid foods – just drinking fruit and vegetable juices
  • Rush Limbaugh Diet – only 1500 calories
  • Christian Bale Diet  - 2 cans of tuna fish and one apple a day 

We are exposed daily to countless diets. The above diets are just a few that I decided to include in this article. Apparently, today in our society, anorexia is okay as long as we call it something else, because practically that is what these diets are – blatant anorexia!

I’m not saying these diets don’t work. They do! You will lose weight. In the process you will also lose muscle, put your metabolism on the skids, and then you will gain it back! Just ask Oprah or Kirstie Alley! In fact, if anything else looks at the pictures of Christian Bale before he went on his diet.

 Christian Bale is known to go to extremes to prepare for his roles. In the movie The Machinist (2004), Christian Bale played the role of an insomniac who has not slept in a year and believes he is delusional. Christian Bale went on the extreme diet mentioned above and six and a half years later still does not look the same. Bale’s pictures are available online, if you look them up you will see what extreme diets does to your body. Christian Bale did not have excess fat to lose in the first place; he then lost a lot of muscle. Regardless of the diet you follow, if it involves eating too few calories you will lose muscle.

The loss of muscle will slow your metabolism and it is a lot harder to rebuild that muscle.  It will take years!

 You are a lot smarter than this.

How to Diet the Right Way

Find a BMR calculator on the internet and learn what your basal metabolic rate is at your goal weight, times that number by 15-20% (depending on  your activity level) and that is how many calories you should eat for the rest of your life (most BMR calculators will walk you through this whole process).

To avoid losing muscle and dropping weight too fast make a goal of losing only 2 pounds a week. If you lose more than that and you are following the formula above just increase your calories a little bit until you are losing consistently, but slowly! Some weeks, your results of weight loss will be more than others will. Record your measurements and get a scale. You will watch the pounds drop off as quickly as they came on – slowly but consistently.

 No more special diets just learn what is healthy and stay away from what is not healthy.

 Can you remember that food pyramid we learned about in school?  Do not put too many restrictions on yourself. Restrictions are a recipe for binging and ruining all that you have accomplished. Portion size, moderation, discipline is the magic recipe for success in weight-loss. Involve multi-vitamins in your daily diet. Multi-vitamins are essential to staying healthy.

Don’t let the media or health and fitness industry deceive you into using their products. You are smart. Use common sense in deciding the relevance of the ‘new’ ideas or suggestions placed in front of you.

Whatever your end goal is, I wish you all the success and luck in your journey to accomplish and fulfill your goals and dreams. Good-Luck!