Making a three-dimensional(3D) Circle is the easiest step to create a realistic art.

Things You Will Need

blank paper
compass (or three circular objects in different sizes)
2 pencils (dark pencil and a lighter pencil) or Oil pastels (Black and gray)

Step 1

Draw three circles in one place (different sizes) with one common point.
Remember the "common point" will be the direction of the light.

Step 2

sample let the smallest circle stay in color white.
shade the bigger circle(middle) using a light pencil or color it using the gray pastel.
Use the dark pencil to shade the left part of the biggest circle or use the black pastel to fill with black color. (Look at the attached picture as a guide)

Step 3

Blend edges between the shades/colors.
(the best way to blend pastels is to use your own fingers)
Easy as those simple steps, anyone could be an artist!

Tips & Warnings