Computers can get viruses from email or clicking on certain websites. The most common types of viruses are easily removed without any major internal damage. These types of viruses will make it difficult to delete the program without disabling it first. This article discusses how you can disable and delete most viruses.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Disable the virus. Even if you have anti-virus software, it will be difficult to delete the virus without first disabling it. Hold Cntrl, Alt and delete at the same time. Click on processes and scan the list of programs given. Look for any program that you are not familiar with or that stands out. Click disable to temporarily halt the program from any further damage.

Step 2

Download free Ad-aware software. You can go online and search for free programs that scan for Ad-aware and spyware which can slow your computer down. Ad-aware se is an example of a free Adaware scanning program. These programs can also find viruses and disable them. Perform a full system scan after software is downloaded.

Step 3

Download free anti-virus software. Avira Personal is a good example of a free anti-virus program that can find and destroy viruses. You can go online to search for these programs but be aware of scams or websites charging unreasonable fees for their service. Once you get the software downloaded, perform a full system scan.

Step 4

Check the performance of your computer. Click on start, control panel and administrative tools. Click on system performance. Click on performance logs and alerts. This tab will let you know if your computer has been experiencing anything unusual. It will also let you know how much better your computer is running after you complete the scans.

Step 5

Keep software updated. It is important to keep the Ad-aware and anti-virus software updated regularly to prevent new types of viruses from attacking your system. Usually this process will be completed automatically or it will notify you of needed updates.

Step 6

Be aware of what you click on and suspicious emails. In the future, be aware of certain websites and suspicious looking emails. Even though you have anti-virus software, you are still vulnerable to certain types of viruses. These viruses normally come from emails or by clicking on certain web pages.


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