Having fat cheeks is an unfortunate physical trait that many of us share. You may feel that you have fat cheeks because of your poor diet, exercise, or genetics. But the real truth is that nothing is preventing you from being able to actually get rid of your fat cheeks once and for all.

With the information and techniques I'm about to share, you WILL be able to start seeing your chubby cheeks disappear within weeks if not days!

Before you can begin losing your chubby cheeks, you must learn what CAUSES your body to store fat in your face (more specifically the cheeks). The human body stores fat in a variety of places, but when а person begins accumulating fat on their face it is more than likely due to one of the following:

 1. Dehydration 

When your body goes without water for а long period of time, it begins to think that it must hold on to every source of water it receives. This can be seen when you wake up in the morning after a heavy night of drinking and your face looks puffy and bloated. While you sleep your body goes through several hours without water. Dehydration can cause the blood vessels to enlarge creating a red, puffy face in the morning. This of course is a short-term example of what dehydration can do to your cheeks. If your body were to be constantly dehydrated due to the lack of consuming water, it would go into panic mode and begin to clench on to any remaining water supply, which will result in а bloated and puffy-looking face not just in the morning, but throughout the entire day! By drinking the recommended amount of water a day (8-glasses), your body will stay hydrated and the end result will be a younger, healthier, and more beautiful face (and cheeks!).

 2. Nutrient Deficiency 

Vitamins & minerals are the foundation of a healthy body and mind. When your body is starved of these nutrients, it can result in a metabolic disaster. By supplementing your body with fruits and vegetables, you’re giving your body everything it needs to function normally and remain at a healthy peak. But how does this affect your chubby cheeks? Well, if your body is healthy, then it needs fewer carbohydrates to use for energy. If your body is unhealthy, it needs more carbs to use for energy and more carbs means more excess glucose, which results in greater fat gains (especially in the facial region).

 3. Not Enough Cardio

 Intense cardiovascular work makes your body go into а fat-burning phase in which it continuously burns more excess calories throughout the day. If your body doesn’t get enough cardio, then it has more energy than it needs to function and your body eventually turns that excess energy into fat that needs to be stored. Putting your body through an intense cardio workout two or three times a week can result in HUGE fat losses and a lot less fat cheeks! 

 4. Conclusion

In order for you to begin getting rid of your fat cheeks, stay hydrated by drinking 8-glasses of water a day, keep your body nutrient sufficient by eating fruits & veggies, and perform an intense cardio workout two to three times a week. By doing all of these things, you will begin to see your fat cheeks disappear faster than you ever thought was possible.