soft feet and hands

It has been no womans ambition ever to have rough and callused hands and feet. If you have a problem with rough hands, it is often things like detergents (especially dish soap), weather exposure, or dehydration that make your hands feel rough and callused. For feet, the leading causes of roughness are bad fitting shoes or walking around bare foot.

However, with these simple treatments, you can have your skin feeling baby soft again. Just do not forget that this is an ongoing battle, there is no one thing you can do once and have soft supple skin forever.

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Lotion and Socks - For Hands and Feet

The old lotion and sock remedy is a sure thing. This is a way to get soft skin overnight. This remedy is something that is done during your sleeping hours and may seem a little strange if anyone sleeps in your bed with you, but just tell them to hush.

Before bed, wash your hands and feet with a moisturizer soap and make sure they are clean. Grab your favorite lotion, I recommend anything that contains cocoa butter as it seems to work better than anything else for creating soft sweet smelling skin.

Now lather that lotion on thick, use more than you normally would. You want the lotion to be thick and white on your hands and feet, not glossy and transparent as you would normally try and get it.

Now, for your feet, place cotton socks over them and you are set. For your hands you can either use cotton gloves or you can use another pair of socks.

When you wake up in the morning, take the socks off, rub in or wash off any excess lotion that is lingering and you will now have super soft skin. Also, you will have really soft and nice looking nails, but maybe that is only from my experience.

Do this once a week for best results.

Oil and Sugar - For Hands Only

This is one for hands only. This remedy says to mix 3 teaspoons of baby oil to 2 teaspoons of sugar. Apply this mixture to your hands and use your finger tips to massage this mixture into your hands.

This is the poor women's exfoliate. The sugar is just abrasive enough to rub away the dead skin without further damaging you skin and the baby oil has extreme moisturizing properties to the soft skin underneath.

After you have rubbed in the mixture, allow it to sit for around 10 minutes. After than wash the mixture from your hands and apply your usual hand lotion, or the one that gives the best results.

You can also do this recipe with olive oil, petroleum jelly, and vegetable oil. Some beauty specialist believe that these natural moisturizers work better that store bought ones.

Aspirin and Lemon Juice - For Feet Only

Crush 5 aspirin per foot and to each aspirin mixture add 1/2 teaspoon water and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. Rub the mixture on each foot and place a clean plastic bag over them. Over the plastic bag, wrap a warm towel around your foot.

The bag and the warm towel help steam your foot and allow the mixture to penetrate the hard skin.

Let this mixture sit for around 10 minutes then unwrap your feet.

Use a pumice stone to rub away any dried mixture or dead skin on your feet. Be careful when using the pumice stone if you are prone to the skin on your feet cracking.

After your pumicing is done, wash your feet in clean warm water, dry throughly, and apply your favorite moisterizing lotion to them. Again, I recommend something with cocoa butter, that really helps soften skin.

How To Prevent Rough Hands

To avoid getting rough hands, try to avoid these things.

Try to not submerge your hands into overly hot water. This is a particularly hard thing to avoid if you wash dishes a lot. Also while cleaning, using harsh dish washing detergents and chemical cleaners are very hard on your hands. It is recommended that you wear rubber gloves while cleaning to keep your hands from being exposed to such things.

If you like to do dishes with your hands going commando, I recommend switching to Dawn Ulta Hand Renewal Dish Soap with Olay. It works surprisingly well. It always makes my hands come out of the dish sink feeling like a just put lotion on instead of feeling like they are going to dry out and crack like other dish soaps do.

Try to apply lotion after washing your hands after going to the bathroom. Soap and water removes germs, but it also removes the natural oils form your skin that keep it smooth and soft.

Keep yourself hydrated. When you neglect drinking water and go for dehydrating caffeine drinks instead, your skin suffers just like the rest of your body. Your hands need water from your body too. So make sure you drink your daily 8 glasses of water.

Wear gloves when going outside in cold weather or doing hard garden work. Hands are very sensitive to temperatures and extreme temperatures only make them rougher. Pulling weeds is hard on your hands as well. It would be a shame to see all the hard work you put into making your hands soft ruining by a day of unprotected garden work.

How To Prevent Rough Feet

Avoid going barefoot. This is the number one cause for rough feet. I began to notice this after I started lotioning and taking the pumice stone to my feet. I would go outside on the concrete and it would feel like all my hard work was completely undone after a few minutes of standing there. If feet are not protected from the elements, the elements suck all the moisture from them and they become rough and dry all over again.

Make sure you have a quality shoe. Having bad shoes is another cause for rough feet. Some experts recommend not standing for a long period of time, but we cannot all be pampered medieval princesses who get to sit all day. So have a good shoe with lots of cushioning and support. Your feet and its smooth skin will thank you.

Keep a healthy weight. People who are overweight place more pressure on their feet, this causes them to get hard and dry very quickly and it is sort of like pressing a weight down on a wet towel. All the moisture seeps out from it.