No matter what action you take with your PC at some point you will need to type.If you type slow it can be really frustrating especially If you regularly have documents to type. Any office based worker has to type something eventually. If your colleagues are fast typists and you are not, it may be embarrassing.

Improve typing speed

In order to learn how to improve typing speed and accuracy you will first need to find out your average typing speed. Once you know your WPM rate (words per minute) you can set a target to achieve. An achievable target is to increase your words per minute rate by around 50%. This can make a big difference towards your productivity. If you currently type around 34 words per minute, which is the average typing speed, with practice you would increase typing speed to 51 words a minute. At that level you could easily type a 510 word document in only 10 minutes. There are lots of web typing tests that can show you the level you are at.

How fast do you type test

There are several free online typing tests available. They usually need you to type a passage of text in 60 seconds. After assessing any spelling errors and deducting them from the submitted total, you will receive an accurate result. It is recommended to do the test three times using a different passage of text to find out your average typing speed.

One of the better tests is The test is free and online based. To help you gain an accurate analysis, there are several texts to choose from. Choose from a variety of factual and fiction texts under several genres.

Blind typing

Sometimes it is hard to keep your eyes fixed on the screen while you are typing. Staring at the keys to find the right one to press is something most people do. What is unknown to those that do it, is that they may already know the location of each key based on memory. All that time spent on gazing at the keys over the years has allowed your brain to memorize where most of them are. Close your eyes and type for a minute. How was your accuracy? If you are not new to typing then you probably had a better accuracy than your first thought. Now all you would need to do is learn how to type without looking and you could improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Learn touch typing

Touch typing can increase typing speeds. You would learn how to type more effectively, using all of your fingers. Novice typists might only use a few fingers at a time or spend a few seconds trying to locate the right key. By learning touch typing you will memorize the position of each key and you will be able to type without staring at the keyboard. In time you would learn how to type fast and accurate and use your reflex memory to type without looking. It may seem hard at first, because you have spent a long time typing in the same way, but give it some time. With regular practice this new style of typing will feel more natural.

Mavis Beacon typing games

Mavis Beacon games have been an educational tool of choice for many years. The aim of their product range is to help you make less mistakes through your typing, increase your thinking time and communicate more clearly.The typing games are designed for beginners. A popular typing game is Mavis Beacon teaches typing platinum.

If you feel frustrated by your slow typing skills, try not to worry. Typing is a skill that can be improved, much like any other computer skill. There are many ways to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Practice what you have learned on a daily basis and you will be a better typist sooner than you think.