Most of us live a very stressful life and have to deal with a lot of problems on a daily basis.

Here are 10 tips on how to relax and make life a little more easy:

1. Look at things from an objective point of view instead of blaming yourself. Lets say you have made a mistake at work and something went wrong, instead of putting yourself down try to analyze the situation from another angle, perhaps someone has put a lot of pressure on you and you couldn't handle it because you're only human, or maybe you're new to this field. Be at ease with yourself.

2. Take all live situations as tests or as a challenge you have to pass in order to make yourself more efficient and not as something threatening. Like in school, if you failed a test you simply try harder or try something else the next time, and not blaming yourself for the failure.

3. Know that you're the only one responsible for your life, and you are the one in charge. Accept every situation as if you've chosen it, act with it not against it this will change your life for the best.

4. Don't try to analyze the future and worry about it, no one knows what will happen. Live at the present moment and do what makes most sense to you now.

5. Don't look back to your personal history to define who you are, only use it to learn and advance forward. Instead of blaming yourself, learn from your mistakes and grow.

6. Spend some time doing what you really like, don't wait until everything else falls in place because you will wait for a long time or even forever.

7. Don't live your life trying to please people, you own nothing to no-one. Live on your own terms. Do what makes you happy.

8. Stop trying as hard as you can and stop putting pressure on yourself, sometimes just doing "stuff" is OK.

9. If you need something to be done just do it, or accept your laziness and inactivity fully and relax without any blame or guilt.

10. Think of how vast is the cosmos, it will help you realize how small and insignificant your problems really are.



Hope those will help you sleep better at night! enjoy :-)