The most popular and rich Indian chicken recipe which was invented by Moghuls is the Butter Chicken.Its time now for you to enjoy this mouthwatering dish at your home trust me you & your family will love it.

Things You Will Need

Things you will require- (For chicken marination)

1)1kg boneless chicken

2)1tsp ginger

3)1tsp garlic

4)1/2 tsp mixed spice powder (garam masala consist -of cloves,cardmom,cinnimon,pepper)

5)2tbs tomato sauce

6)1tsp Chicken tandoori colour (red)

Marinate chicken in the above mentioned ingridients for maximum 2 hours keep it in fridge after marination

For gravy

1)Boil onions 1/2kgs along with 1 cinnimon and 2 bay leaves for 10 minutes without pressure

2)-After boiling blend the onion in mixture to form a paste

3)-Take 200ml oil and heat it in a cooking vessel

4)-After heating oil put 1-3inch long cinnimon and 2bay leave

5)-Add 1tsp ginger & 1 tsp garlic ,1/4 tsp garam masala,1/4tsp black pepper, 2tsp red chilli sauce,2tsp green chilli sauce,salt according to taste

6)-After sauteing above ingridents throughly add onion paste and saute till oil gets released

7)-Add marinated chicken to the curry then add curd 100gms and let it cook till chicken is done

8)-Adjust water according to your desired conistency best is to keep medium consistency

After chicken is cooked add butter 2tbsp and garnish it with slit 2-4 green chilli and finely chopped coriander.Serve hot with rice or Indian bread.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the gravy medium thick for better taste

Tastes best with tandoori roti