Everyone has been granted a very precious gift that only a few individuals appreciate and know how to make great use out of. It is a very professional habit to always know how much time have passed and how much is left. Most people just live their lives spontaneously with no previous scheduling but unfortunately their lives tend to go wrong and they find themselves out of accomplishments when time have passed away.

Things You Will Need

1- A paper and pencil, or a spreadsheet program 2- Some patience 3- organizing

Step 1

First of all, you have to see how much free time do you have left after you have finished all of your duties. By duties I do not mean watching the television of playing some online poker, by duties here I mean the actions that are required from you and that are vital to some extent, for example, going to work, school, or university, going to church, sticking to a meeting, etc.

Step 2

After you calculate your free time, you have to then start brainstorming all the activities that you feel are essential to your life. Then you have to arrange then according to their degree of importance, with the most important on top of the list. It is of good planning to remove some of your watching TV time and replace it with some sports or meditation.

Step 3

Divide your free time into small slots, allocating 30-60 minutes to each slot. Then you are required to add each activity to the slot you see most appropriate according to your own will. Try to have some common sense, so do not put jogging time before lunch, it is more useful to put it after lunch. Moreover, do not overfill your schedule because sometimes new appointments might pop out so you have to make your schedule as flexible as possible.

Step 4

Also try to have some relaxing time were you watch a movie or listen to some music while enjoying a book. Taking some time to relax and re capture your thoughts will have a very positive impact on your professional, social, and spiritual life. The final step that I see as the most important one is to stick to your schedule and never give it up unless you have some kind of emergency. Finally, it is easy to prepare a schedule but it is a challenge to stick to it.

Tips & Warnings

hang your schedule on the fridge on on your cupboard so that you can have a permanent reminder.