Carbon monoxide can be one of the risks involved in owning your own home. Carbon monoxide can be very hard to detect without the right equipment. Without the proper knowledge, carbon monoxide poisoning can be a threat to your family's health and safety.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Look for the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea and irregular breathing can all be symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to see a physician and take a break from being indoors for an extended period of time.

Step 2

Know what causes carbon monoxide. Gas heating, space heaters, fireplaces, furnaces and water heaters are all sources of carbon monoxide. If you have any of these appliances, you might want to replace them with energy-efficient appliances to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. If you can't afford new appliances, try to minimize use of these specific appliances.

Step 3

Install carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors aren't that expensive, so it makes sense to buy plenty for every room. If you have a upstiars or basement, make sure those floors are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. This step alone will help tremendously.

Step 4

Do frequent chimney sweeps. Chimneys can be a source of carbon monoxide, so you should do a chimney sweep often to prevent carbon monoxide. You can buy a chimney sweeping log or hire a professional to come out and do a chimney sweep.

Step 5

Use proper fuel in paraffin space heaters. Space heaters are usually not the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning but specifically paraffin space heaters have been known to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. To identify if your heater has paraffin, look up the company name for details.

Step 6

If symptoms persist, do a professional inspection. If you continue to experience the symptoms listed above, you should hire a professional to look over your home and make sure no carbon monoxide is being detected. A professional will know exactly where it is coming from.

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