So you want to sell you car. Maybe you need the money to buy a new car or something else. Whatever your reasons sometimes a quick sale is necessary. There are many ways for you to sell your car and I will explain each one.

Set up a google alert

Google has a nifty little service where you can set up email alerts for notifications on a topic you are interested in. The service is called Google alert. If you are trying to sell a 1990 Ferrari in New York,for example, you could set up an alert for words that people may use if they want to buy one. Whenever someone uses the keyword (words) you set up an alert for you will receive an email notification.

Example- You set up a alert for these words:

'where can I buy a 1990 Ferrari in New york'

'I want a used 1990 Ferrari'


Whenever Google notices a website that has recently published these words, you will be alerted by email. You could then visit the website in question and contact the person who wrote it, informing them of your own 1990 Ferrari for sale. You would already know that the person is a potential buyer so there would be a high chance you could make a quick sale.

If you are smart about the keywords you use, not only would you be able to find potential buyers, but you could do it for free.

Car sale sign

Put a sign on the car window

This is the easiest way to get people to notice your car. Put a for sale sign on your window informing

people of the cost and contact details so they can get in touch with you. As you drive around people may notice the sign. This method is cheap and effective so you will have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Contact dealerships

If your car is not too old you could arrange for the car manufacturer dealership to help you get a quick sale. A lot of car dealerships offer used cars to customers on a lower budget. This is a great way to help you get a sale because everyone who visits them is interested in the car brand that you have. If your car is less than five years old and in good condition, there is a chance they will try and sell the car for you.

Each car dealership has their own terms and conditions about any potential sale so do your research. They will probably want a percentage of the sale price so find out what is before you commit to something you may regret later.

Craigslist is the most popular classified ads website in the USA. There is the potential to get a lot of exposure to your car listing so make the most of it. It is well worth putting an ad up in the 'for sale- cars and trucks section'. The site has different categories for each place so remember to put an ad up for the city you live in. There would be no point in putting an ad in the New York section if your car is in Alaska (unless you want to drive the car to the buyer or vice versa).

Check the wanted section to see if anyone is looking for a car like yours. It might be a longshot but you never know, you could find a buyer.

Gumtree is the UK alternative to Craigslist. If you are based in the UK, put up a free ad to promote your car. Like Craigslist, the site is split into different locations. Submit an ad in the city that you live in.

autotrader (US citizens)

For a quick sale offers a car trade in service. Once you have signed up for free you will get an instant offer on your car.

autotrader (UK citizens)

This is not to be confused with They are two separate companies. If you are in the UK sign up for the quick sale service. All you have to do is submit you car details and wait for multiple bids from car dealers. If you accept any of the bids, Autotrader will take £45 from the final price and you can receive the money in as little as three days. This service is designed to give you a quick sale. The alternative is to pay £9.99,  submit a listing, then wait for any potential buyers to view your ad, which could take longer.

So there you have it. Those were the best ways to sell a car fast. I would recommend using all methods at once to speed up the sale of your car.