You CAN learn how to talk like an American - even if you don't live in the US

There are easy ways to learn how to speak like an American

If you are a student of English as a second language and you live in another country, you can learn how to speak English like an American. Every English student knows that the best way to learn the language is to be immersed in it - and to live in the United States while you are learning it. But not everyone can afford to do that or wants to do that. Most students of English are taking classes in their home country and doing their best to improve their fluency. One problem with this approach, however, is that without a good model - a native English-speaking teacher or tutor - it's hard to learn how to speak in an American accent. But there are some easy and relatively cheap ways to do this without coming to America to

Go to the movies
Many ESL students love to watch American movies to improve their English. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you have to be careful. Not all American speech in Hollywood movies is standard. Writers love to have their actors use regional accents (like from the southern US) and these may not be good models to follow. There can also be problems with slang, vocabulary and usage if you rely on the movies to be your English teacher. But if you can concentrate on the accent and distinguish a standard American accent from a regional one, movies can be a great way to learn how to talk like an American.
Listen to the radio
While Americans seem to have moved to satellite radio for their music, many students around the world listen to radio broadcasts in older forms - FM, AM, and shortwave. These are wonderful sources for learning the American accent. There are spoken broadcasts that can be recorded and listened to again, and of course there is music. American op. rock, and rap are listened to around the world, and it is possible to improve your accent by listening to music. The same warnings as with movies apply here, though - most rappers don't speak with a standard American accent, while most pop and rock music does.

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Use your computer
The Internet is a superb source of English to listen for practicing your American accent. Podcasts and videos of all kinds are available for free, and you can even find free spoken English classes on the web with a little searching. If you want to pay for commercially available software, there are many such teaching programs out there - just be sure that they are intended to help you learn American English.

Get your own private tutor - online
Another very popular and effective way to learn how to speak in an American accent is with an online tutor who is a native speaker. No matter where you live in the world, if you have a decent connection and a computer with a microphone and a webcam, you can hire your own private English tutor. Your tutor can guide your speaking and listening sessions, engage you in practice exercises, and involve you in natural conversation. Before long you'll be learning how to speak in an American accent and using English just like an American.