These days there are countless ways that the government and other large organizations keep track of us, and here are a few simple ways to avoid popping up on big brother's radar. These are not fool-proof and I do not endorse any kind of illegal activity. Now that that is out of the way, here are A few simple steps can save you from being audited and possibly jailed and can bypass some common monitoring techniques. 

Cell phones

Now that our cell phones are basically pocket-sized computers it is not hard for law enforcement and private corporations to gather data on your whereabouts, put a tap on your phone calls, or even monitor your text messages that are rumored to now be  saved in a database and can be accessed at anytime if someone with enough power is interested enough in what you are doing. Honestly 99% of people do not need to worry about this because of the sheer volume of people using phones to communicate, most people who have smart phones use them for everything and send such a large amount of messages that it would be a monstrous task to read everything everyone wrote, but if your reading this, you probably arent that 99%, so heres what you do: prepaid phones. commonly known as "burners" because you buy one, burn up the minutes, and toss it. This way if you are constantly changing your number and not texting any personal information you have clean slate to start on each time you get a new phone. this just makes it harder for eavesdroppers to track you. Use code words as much as possible and try to avoid names or possible key words that may alert listeners to what you are doing. Do not use internet on your phone if you are concerned about being watched either because GPS can track  you almost anywhere. 


Bank Accounts

Do  not put large amounts of cash that you cannot verify the source of  into your account, ever. Any amount over 10,000$ automatically creates a red flag and can land you in trouble with the IRS and even the police. A much safer bet is to put all money that you cannot prove a source for into a safety deposit box. This way you can deposit thousands of dollars hidden in a safe place and no one will ever know. Smart. Save as much legal money as you can and try to spend your, other, money on day to day purchases that you would normally use cash with. 


Shopping online can put you on a Red flag list quickly if you are purchasing sketchy items such as the ones used to create illegal substances or make weapons. If you are going to use the internet do it at a local library with no cameras, if you are planning on buying something online that you dont want to be associated with, have a friend order and pay them a small amount just to have something shipped to their home. Now if you are planning on buying a combination of very very very sketchy items, then buy them separately, and use different friends to acquire what you are looking for. This has gotten many people in trouble, sometimes due to no fault of their own, if you go to some stores and buy a certain combination of items they can actually be required by law to immediately call the police.


A Mailing adress is necessary to live in this world. From bills to club card memberships to just having a legal address for your drivers licence. You need a home address. So, if you are worried about being watched and or followed or just want to stay on the DL for good measure, then use a parent or a friend and have them mail you all of your mail once a week or so. Throw them a little money for their time and dont have anything sketchy sent to their house and you should be fine. Keep this address out of your texts and for best results try to keep as much of a distance as possible, because if you are going to get raided then your official mailing address is the first one to get hit. 


Now that your phone isnt being tracked ( for now), the IRS isnt red flagging your bank account, your massive pornography collection isnt being traced to your home, and even if they did want to get you they cant find where you live, try and stay out of trouble. Try and use this as a new beginning, all your past transgressions are being forgotten each day, stay off the radar for long enough and they might disappear for good, probably wont, but theres always hope.