How to stop being so clingy around your girlfriend


Look, to put it quite clearly, if you are clingy around a girl – always needing to be close to her, always needing to hear that she loves you etc etc, you will wear her out quicker than you can down a pint on a Saturday night… much quicker, because if you are that clingy, you are not going to be down the pub unless your girl is down there first… and you won’t be downing a pint, as she will insist that you drink it slowly and sensibly.


Let’s face it, if you are clingy, you are probably whooped into shape too.  In other words, your cajones are firmly clasped by her.


If you want to keep your girl, and do truly lover her and want to be with her, the best way to stop being clingy is give her the gift of missing you.  Yep, that’s right, not being around you is brilliant for her, as it means that she has time to appreciate how much she likes you being around.


So, stop whining, and showing her those puppy dog eyes, and start manning up.  Go out with YOUR friends (let me guess, you are always going out and meeting her friends, and hardly ever see your own?)


Take up some new hobbies.  The best hobby I have ever had was Salsa dancing.  You get to dance with some very nice women (for some reason these are always in the advanced class….) and it also means that you can scope out the field to make sure she is really the one for you.  I do not advocate cheating at all, and have never done it in my life, but window shopping is perfectly acceptable.  Look and that is as far as it goes.  This also goes to making her a little jealous, and that can bring her closer to you as well (just make sure that she is not the over jealous type, as that is a problem you do not need!)


Join a team sport.  She will thank you even more for this, as it is a manly thing to do, and you get fitter doing it too.  So not only does she get the gift of missing you, but she also gets a bloke with a much better body, and more staying power.  A winner on multiple accounts.


Once you start living your life for you, it makes life better for both of you.  A little separation goes a very long way.