april fool's day is coming. are you prepared?

Every year you may suffer from various mischiefs you friends have played on you, but not this year any more if you read this article. Here are ten tips on how to survive April fool's day. 

  1. Stay alarmed and don’t be greedy. If someone offers you a piece of Oreo, always remember to check what exactly is the white stuff between the two cookies? If you do not do your work and hurriedly take a large bite of the cookie, you may get yourself a mouthful of toothpaste.
  2. Stay away from any possible traps. If a strange book suddenly appears on your table, don’t open it; if you receive an email from a friend who usually don’t contact you via email or it is a totally strange address, don’t open it, otherwise you may probably never be able to open your computer again. (either you get a shock or your computer get a shock)
  3. If a person tells you that somebody would like to see you, always ask s/he to accompany you. Then you can judge from her/his reaction whether this is a prank or not.
  4. Don’t want to be the victim? Then join the “aggressors”. You will gain an insight of how these tricks are put into work and be able to recognize any disguise next time. And most likely, your name will be eliminated from the target list.
  5. Have a big heart and be able to laugh at yourself. The more serious you are about these jokes, the more fun people will get out of playing these jokes with you. Hence if you can laugh with them, the chances are next time they will not come to you if not asking you to join them.
  6. If you really take no interest in April fool’s day and just want to be completely undisturbed, then the best way for you is to stay at home all day, switch off your phone, cut off your internet connection and don’t answer any knocks on the door. Of course, if you have naughty siblings at home, then you may need to seek refuge somewhere else and the chances of finding an ideal place is quite low.

 Anyway, try to enjoy April Fool’s Day and have a good time with your friends. At least, it happens only once a year.