Knowing how to track Infobarrel adsense earnings is great because it allows you to see how many views your articles are getting on a daily basis as well as how much money they are making you each day. Without tracking individual articles it is impossible to know exactly which of your articles are your best performers. Establishing which of your articles are your best performers lets you know which topics and which writing style is earning you the most money. Writing interesting Infobarrels is of course paramount but if we are able to make money at the same time why not try and repeat our success?

Working out which formula works best is possible when we decide to track individual url channels from within our google adsense account. This guide will explain step by step how to track infobarrel adsense earnings.

Things You Will Need

1. Google adsense account.
2. Infobarrel account.
3. One or more live Infobarrel articles.

N.B. This article assumes you have already added your google tracking code into your Infobarrel profile.

Step 1

infobarrel-adsense-earnings-1 Firstly, log into your google adsense account and click on the Adsense Setup tab.

Step 2

infobarrel-adsense-earnings-2 Next click on the Channels option.

Step 3

infobarrel-adsense-earnings-3 To add URLs (web addresses) to track, click the URL channels link.

Step 4

infobarrel-adsense-earnings-14 This is followed by the + Add new URL channels link.

Step 5

infobarrel-adsense-earnings-5 Copy and paste the URLs for your Infobarrel articles directly into the textbox. The instructions tell you to use a new line for each URL. Also the Google instructions advise you to remove the http://www. part of the web addresses. I usually do this however not doing so though doesn't appear to cause a problem.

Step 6

infobarrel-adsense-earnings-6 Finally click the Add channels button and your adsense account is now set up to track the performance of all the Infobarrel pages.
When I first started writing on Infobarrel I set up only one url channel which told me how much I was making from Infobarrel as a whole. This of course is better than nothing but for the first few months I was unsure exactly which of my articles were bringing me revenue.

I have now set it up so that I can see exactly which articles people are viewing each day as well as how many ad clicks I am getting. This is helping me establish an appropriate writing style as well as understand which topics are the best performers as far as making money with Infobarrel are concerned.

Now that you know how to track infobarrel adsense earnings I hope you can start making more money with your articles.

Tips & Warnings

Google adsense only allows you to track up to 200 url channels. So there may come a time when you are unable to track every article you have on Infobarrel. While this may be problematic, I would hope that long before we reach 200 articles we are much better at establishing which topics are both fun to write about and bring us some adsense earnings. On top of this, long before our 200th article let's hope that we have developed our own personal writing style so that we can create interesting articles that provide valuable information to our readers. Tracking our adsense earnings with Infobarrel will hopefully help with both of these.