If you looking to learn exactly how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress then the first point that needs to be emphasized is that although “bed” is part of the bed bug’s namesake it does not mean that these pests live in beds alone. They will find a dwelling place in any crevice such as the box springs, headboards, carpets, chairs and other furniture items. If there is a little space that they can fit in--which is basically any space—then these little parasites will make that space their home.

After identifying whether bed bugs are in your mattress the next step will be to begin a deeper and more thorough investigation of your entire living space. Your investigation should begin during the night hours because this is when the bugs like to venture out. Begin by analyzing your entire mattress and then move on to the headboard and look into every crevice and hole in your headboard. Examine all the furniture in your room with a fine tooth comb. Try to remember that bed bugs are roughly the size of an apple seed, so think in terms of: if an apple seed can fit in here then so can bed bugs.

Once you are awabed bugs(98179)re of the places that the bedbugs are residing in you can begin a course of action to get rid of these bugs. You first option will be to call in a professional exterminator. This will be the best option because one cannot truly know the severity of the problem if one is not a professional exterminator. If you can afford it then this needs to be done as soon as possible. Bed bugs spread rapidly, which means one cannot delay in taking care of the issue. If money is an issue you can seek out pesticides that have proven to kill bed bugs. Purchase a pesticide, read the instructions and then begin spraying all the areas where the bed bugs are hanging out. Try and spray into every crack or crevice regardless of whether there are bugs in there or not. Next, you should take all your linen and wash them in a washing machine. But don’t just take the linen, all clothes in the cupboards and drawers should also be washed and kept in a separate room in your home. These wily buggers tend to stick themselves into any place they can find.

Next, begin vacuuming the entire room – cover every surface that is possible. The vacuum bag should then be properly sealed and disposed of. You will also need to use a steam cleaner on your bed and carpets to kill the bugs and any eggs they have laid. You can also purchase special bed bugs traps to get rid of the bugs. Once you are certain you have covered all areas you should buy special mattress encasings that will fit around your mattress. Keep the casing on the mattress for over a year and ensure there are no gaps. This approach will serve as a way to kill the bugs that have managed to stay alive after your cleaning efforts.

If this does not help then you will have to go back to the first option and hire a professional. Exterminators know how to get rid of bed bugs permanently by using a more precise and tactical approach; they know the mind of the bed bug and therefore they will do a much more effective job in getting rid of the bed bugs from your mattress and your entire home.