Do hybrid water heaters save you money? Need to know more before you commit to getting one? How often do you use hot water? Every day for your shower or bath? When you wash the dishes? When washing your face and shaving in the morning? For washing your hands after using the bathroom? Can you imagine life without hot water?

You use hot water heaters a lot more often than you probably think. Although water heaters do not use as much energy as other household devices like electric room heaters, you can still make huge savings by taking a closer look at your water heating usage and your water heater. On average as much as 17 percent of a household's energy usage is in heating up water.

Hybrid water heaters are relatively new and until recently, were quite expensive too. However, companies like General Electric are making aggressive expansion plans for creating hydrid water heaters which will include super capacitors and batteries so the market is definitely growing.

Buying a hybrid water heater, now that prices have come down, make sense. They will save your family hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills and it's better from the environment too.


It's not the same as those hybrid cars. A hybrid water heater combines two technologies together: a tank and a tankless water heater. Traditional water heaters heat up the water from the bottom. As the air rises through the tank you lose heat out of the top. Tankless water heaters heat from the bottom too but the water flows through copper pipes. The disadvantage of tankless water heaters is that because they are tankless, they can't store any water and so they end up distributing hot water all around the home and not necessarily to the one area you need it. Tankless water heaters might also mean that you run out of hot water so it's not always the heater of choice for busy families.

Hybrid heaters have pipes like the tankless model, but unlike the tankless ones, they do have a reservoir to contain some water so you never run out. The reservoir tank ranges typically from two to twenty gallons. When the usage is low-flow, the water heater behaves like a tank heater model and during high demand, high flow usages, it works like a tankless water heater. So it has the fuel efficiency of tankless, but it can supply hot water for longer (virtually continuosly)

One of the most popular models is the American Hybrid Natural Gas Water Heater which has 90 percent thermal efficiency.

Make sure you have a licensed, experienced plumber to install the water heater.