HypnoCredit: Ken Sugimori

There are so many methods and techniques to lose weight these days, however one that is rarely mentioned or known is the use of hypnosis for weight loss. There is often a negative connotation with hypnosis because most people do not believe it is firmly grounded in science but rather it is often seen as a deceptive trick or mind-control that is largely staged. However, contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is real and it can be used to treat all sorts of addictions and mental disorders. Before I go into detail about how to use hypnosis for weight loss, I want to briefly explain hypnosis and clear any misconceptions. 

When many people think of hypnosis, they automatically picture a person staring at a pendulum swinging back and forth. This person is totally unaware of his/her surroundings and can be easily manipulated through the commands given by the person wielding the pendulum. This is called stage hypnosis and is simply for entertainment purposes. Actual hypnosis is a very relaxing and comfortable state that everybody goes through during the day. It can be as light as daydreaming or much deeper. There are varying levels of hypnosis and it can depend on whether you are by yourself or in the care of hypnotherapist who can help bring about hypnotic induction through a series of questions and commands. I want to emphasize that hypnosis is not mind-control and that it can only be brought about if one is willing to be hypnotized.

One of the reasons why hypnosis has become a popular technique for losing weight is because it is very effective in reshaping habits. Hypnosis has been used to treat people who are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol as well as those who suffer from phobias. In regards to weight loss, Hypnotists usually employ a two-step process to help their patients.

1. Understanding

In order to help their patients, hypnotists will first enable them to understand their behavior concerning their weight. For instance, the hypnotist will analyze their patient’s problems and try to get the patient to realize why he or she is overeating. Hypnotists will also help patients to discover the underlying issues of why they overeat. There are a slew of issues that can cause overeating such as depression, child abuse, boredom, stress, poor self-esteem, and loneliness.    

2. Suggestions

Once the patient understands his or her underlying problems and reasons for overeating, the hypnotist will employ hypnotic induction to suggest new and healthier habits for the patient. When the patient is in a state of heightened focus and awareness, the hypnotist will suggest healthier ways to eat such as replacing processed food with dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. The hypnotist may also suggest the patient to adopt a more active lifestyle, less time spent in front of the TV and more time at the gym. Essentially, the hypnotist will build healthier eating habits for the patient in order to induce weight loss.

Things to Consider

It is important to realize that if you are serious about losing weight you must understand the cause of your overeating and be willing to change your eating habits and actively exercise more. Without this mindset, you will never be able to reach your goal of shedding your pounds. There is no short cut to losing weight if you want to lose it in a healthy way, but thinking that it's impossible and giving up will not benefit you or anyone else. If you are having trouble getting in the mindset of changing your diet and actively exercising on a daily basis, hypnosis might be perfect for you in helping you achieve weight loss.